Melissa & Doug Toys + FREE $15 Credit

by Janell on December 10, 2012

Do you have any kids on your shopping list? One King’s Lane toys alwyas make an awesome gift! One Kings Lane is having a huge sale on Melissa & Doug toys plus they are giving you a FREE $15 credit to use on $30 or more.

Here’s some of the deals they have available

Frolicking Frog Pull Toy


Pull-Along Zoo Animals

Deluxe Puppet Theater

One Kings Lane always has a lot of great deals for everyone.  Click here to sign up and check out their deals!


Netflix & Disney Movies

by Janell on December 10, 2012

247086_Non-stop kid-friendly shows just $7.99 a month

Have you heard about the partnership between Netflix and Disney? You will have access to many more Disney movies when you subscribe to Netflix! Join now for instant access! You can get a 30 day free trial! It’s really a great service. It’s also easy to cancel if you don’t want it. I just set a reminder on my Google calendar or my cell phone. If you like it – it’s just $7.99 per month! There are a ton of TV shows and movies to instantly watch!

If you don’t have cable this is a great way to watch TV shows and movies. I love the selection of shows they have for my kids.  I don’t pay for a cable box in their room but if they want to watch a movie in their room we can stream it through the Wii.

Click here to get started!

You can stream videos to your TV through your Wii, PS3, Xbox, or i – device. Or you can watch it on your computer! There are so many Wi-Fi devices that makes it easy to watch on your TV.



You can also cut the cost of your home phone bill with Magic Jack. You pay just $29.99 per year and you get unlimited local and long distance calls! Plus you get all the perks like call waiting, 3 way calling, caller ID, voice mail, and more.  We have this and we love it!



Do you shop at Walmart, Publix, CVS, Vons, Kroger, Safeway, or any other stores? You should be able to earn lots of cash back now!! 

There is this awesome app called Ibotta. I haven’t been a member for very long and I have cashed out $10 already! I requested the money and it was in my PayPal account within minutes! You can earn lots of money back on many of your purchases!

Ibotta is like Endorse. It’s an app for your Apple device that gives you cash back on many products when you shop in-stores! You can increase the amount of cash back you get on a product by answering a question or sharing it on Facebook. Plus they will give you $5 after your redeem your first offer!  The best part is they will pay you via PayPal when you reach $5!! So you can get paid after you redeem your first offer!  The more you use it, the better and more personalized your offers become.

It’s easy – just go here and create  your account. It’s very easy to navigate. And you can quickly earn some cash back!

*They should have this available for Android users soon. Join now so that you will know when it’s available!

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FREE $5 Amazon MP3 Credit

by Janell on December 9, 2012

This deal is so good I just wanted to remind you about it again. You can get a FREE $5 Amazon MP3 credit from Scott Shared Values. You don’t have to use the credit right now – just sign up and get the code for your free credit. (You can also get coupons and other FREE stuff!)

How to get this deal

You can check out their .69 cent MP3′s or their $5 Albums. Here’s a list of the top 100 songs

You will also have access to exclusive coupons.

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Canvas Print Deals

by Janell on December 8, 2012

If you are looking for a unique gift idea, why not make a canvas print? These are so beautiful and it’s a gift that can be enjoyed year round! It’s especially a great gift for parents or grand-parents. For a limited time Canvas People is offering a great deal.

They are so easy to make and they come ready to hang.


Is December A Busy Month?

by Janell on December 8, 2012

I don’t know about you but December is such a busy month! We always have places to go, people to see, and parties to attend! If you haven’t checked out my crock pot series, 1 Hour + 1 Mess = 5 Crock Pot Meals, this is a great month to try them.

I have 3 sets of recipes (15 unique recipes) that really help me save time and money in the kitchen. I not a nutritionalist, but I think they are also pretty healthy! I am 1 recipe short of the 4th set. So make sure you subscribe to my email newsletter so you know when the next set of recipes are available.

What do you do to save time and money in December??


Earn Cash Back When You Eat Out!

by Janell on December 7, 2012

I just found out a great way to earn some cash back when we eat out at restaurants. Plink is an easy way fo you to earn a little cash back when you eat out. You add the offers to your wallet and then when you eat out you get points. You can start to cash out when you have just 500 points. You don’t just earn points when you eat out. They are always sending me emails offing me extra points! I cashed out $5 and I think we only ate out at a restaurant 1 time!

How it works

  • Join Plink
  • Log – in with your bank information. They can only see your purchases that way they can credit you for your points. This is a very secure website. You can read more about the security on their website. Once I linked my bank account I was given 500 points – enough for a $5 gift card!
  • Add offers to your wallet. (see below for more information)

They have several offers that give you points:

  • Arby’s – spend $5 or more and get 70 points. Or spend $15 or more and get 150 points
  • Outback Steakhouse- spend $20 or more and get 200 points. Or spend $60 or more and get 600 points
  • Taco Bell – spend $5 or more and get 70 points. Or spend $15 or more and get 150 points
  • Dunkin Donuts – spend $5 or more and get 70 points. Or spend $15 or more and get 150 points
  • And more……

I just cashed out my first $5 Amazon gift card. But they also have other gift card options – Tango (Which offers a ton of gift cards!), Walmart, Kohls, B&N, Macy’s,, American Eagle, and more!


Smart Couponing Tips

by Janell on December 7, 2012

I have been couponing for many years. I love that I can stretch my dollar further and I usually have a mini stockpile in my house. I hope I can teach you a little bit about Smart Couponing. Buy the stuff you need – or the stuff you can get for free and donate your extras! Saving money does not have to be stressful.

You should also expect to save about 50% – 70% off your grocery bill. You will rarely ever save 99% like they show on Extreme Couponing!

Here’s some articles I wrote about saving time and money!

Click here to see all the coupons available.

Please feel free to ask me any questions!

Don’t miss out on any recipes or deals – subscribe to my blog via email or a RSS feed. Also get updates on Facebook and Twitter!

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Sunday Coupon Preview

by Janell on December 7, 2012

Have you ever wondered what coupons would be available in Sunday paper? Well wonder no more – click here for a preview!


Blurb – 20% Off Photo Books

by Janell on December 6, 2012

Need another personalized gift idea? Get a custom book from Blurb! Blurb is offering 20% off any book you create with promo code LASTCALL20. Blurb books are easy to create and make a great holiday gift! Plus, with Blurb, you can now create a photo book in just one night by uploading your Instagram and Facebook images. Capture those special 2012 moments today and create a photo book that you can cherish for a lifetime.