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If you are a family friendly blogger looking to get some new Facebook fans, Madame Deals has a great, FREE event you can join! She has a Louis Vuitton purse for 1 lucky person! You will get a ton of exposure!

Here’s the details:

  • Go here to sign up
  • Make sure you tell them Saving You Dinero sent you
  • Write about it on your blog
  • Share the giveaway daily with your fans

It’s that easy! The best part is that you can also win a purse, a camcorder, or even money!! These are fun events that help you get great exposure!  The Event will take Place May 12- June 12th.



1-Year Subscriptions To O Magazine For Only $10!

If you are a fan of Oprah Magazine – here is a great deal for you! You can get a 1-year subscriptions to
O Magazine for only $10! This is an awesome deal for a 1 year subscription. (For example, this same subscription is $18 at Amazon!)

Purex and the Oprah Magazine have teamed up to bring you this great deal.

Dawn Power Clean + Time Saving Tips

My absolute favorite dish soap is Dawn Liquid Soap. They have the most amazing scents and they clean like no other. When I have a greasy pan, I know Dawn will do the trick. But did you know Dawn makes a new type of soap that will give you the same results on a dirty, baked on pan, that usually takes an all night soaking, in just five minutes!

Dawn sent me a bottle of their new Dawn Power Clean soap through Socialmoms.com and a 5 minute timer. I was really excited to try this because I really like to go to bed with a clean kitchen, so leaving dirty dishes soaking on the counter is a little frustrating to me. The f=irst chance I had to use this new soap was on a large pan of baked ziti. My mom had a baby shower for my sister and made tons of baked ziti.

When she got home they were empty, dirty pans. So she filled up the pan with water and the new Dawn Power Clean and set the timer for 5 minutes. When the timer went off, she easily wiped clean the baked on cheese. This awesome soap will now allow me to go to bed with a clean kitchen!


Dawn will definitely help me to save some time and be more efficient in the kitchen. I don’t know about your house but we run the dishwasher twice a day and wash the larger pots, pans, and dishes. I have to keep my small kitchen clean and organized in order to be ready for the next meal. Here’s some of the things we do to help keep my kitchen clean and running efficiently. Even thought I am a stay at home mom – my days are pretty crazy!

In a perfect world we would wake up to a clean kitchen. There are usually a few stray dishes that don’t make it into the dishwasher. We try to unload the dishwasher when we wake up and put the dry dishes from the dish drainer in their place. We can then start filling the dishwasher instead of the sink.

I usually make a pretty big mess at dinner time. When I am done cooking, I will add the new Dawn Power Clean to the pan with some water, so that when we are done eating, it is easier to clean up.

Try to keep the clutter off your counter. The only thing we have on our counter all the time is our Keurig machine. It’s big – but my husband uses it a few times a day and it would be a pain to drag it out. We use our toaster a lot but mostly in the morning. So I keep this appliance in the cabinet.

I love to use my slow cooker to make dinner. I can throw everything in while my daughter is napping and dinner is done! Most of the mess is already clean before we eat dinner! I try to have a nice stock-pile of basic foods. I hate last minute trips to the grocery store.

How do you keep your kitchen running efficiently? Do you have any time saving tips? I would love to hear them.

Make sure you like Dawn on Facebook  and follow them on Twitter for great information.

With Dawn’s line of power products, you can get the amazing power of an overnight soak in just five minutes. These products cut grease and dissolve tough foods on your everyday dishes (even the ones you bake in) without the effort of elbow grease!

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Dawn bloggingprogram, to earn My SocialMoms Rewards Points, and I received free product for participating. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. To read more posts on this topic, click here.”

Cinco De Mayo – The History & Recipes

Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is not Independence Day in Mexico! It’s hardly even celebrated in Mexico.  I wrote an article at SocialMoms.com about the history of Cinco de May and a few recipes to help you celebrate. Make sure you check it out and leave me a comment!

Pay $5 and Get a $15 iTunes Gift Card & A Saveology Elite Membership

Saveology is a great daily deal site. Here’s a good deal they are offering on an iTunes gift card and Elite membership.

To get ELITE access to the hottest deals available, you pay $5 with your credit card upon registration, and in 11 days, your card will be charged an additional $10.

You get all of the following benefits  (for a total of $15)

  • $15 iTunes Gift Card
  • $15 Saveology Bucks
  • Free Trial of MyTechHelp’s Gold Plus Plan
  • Plus…
  • $15 MORE Saveology Bucks
  • … and another FREE MONTH of MyTechHelp’s Gold Plus Plan.

For $15, you get $60+ in value!!!

I did this and I did cancel it after I got my iTunes gift cards.

Get Your FREE Mother’s Day Card (Includes The Stamp!)

374659_FREE Mother's Day Card at Cardstore.com! Create Mom a Perfectly Personalized Card! Use code: LUVMOM

You have no reason not to send your mom or grandma a nice card for Mother’s Day! To celebrate Mother’s Day, Cardstore.com is offering a FREE card + FREE shipping from Thursday 8am EST, 4/26 through Sunday, 5/6.

When you check out use code LUVMOM. This code is valid for 1 FREE Mother’s Day Card, including Free Shipping. 

Valid in the US and Canada only.

Free Pair of Air Optix Contact Lenses For A Month

Air Optix

Click here to get a  free pair of Air Optix contact lenses for a month.

P&G Everyday Solutions Sweepstakes

Everyday Solutions

Enter to win a home theater package by Panasonic® – along with the weekly prize of a $50 Visa® pre-paid debit card.

Short Term Health Insurance

Before I had kids, I worked for Nielsen Media Research. It was a very large company with excellent benefits. I loved the security of health insurance. When we moved, I had to think about a short term health insurance plan to cover our family in case of an emergency.

It is really expensive to go to the hospital or have surgery if you don’t have health insurance. Paying for a short term health insurance policy could prevent you from going deep into debt. Short term coverage is just as good as long term health insurance. Short term policies offer  HMO or PPO plans.

You should check out ShortTermHealthInsurance.net to get more information. You can also compare the rates of multiple health insurance companies. Just enter your zip code and get an extensive list of short term health insurance policies that can fit your needs.

I Just Cashed Out $25 From Surveyhead

Have you been following my “Earning Free Amazon Gift Cards For an iPad” series? Well as you know I am trying to earn enough Amazon gift cards and Surveyhead is a really easy way to earn free gift cards. I have been a member for about a month and I just cashed out $25!  I have been cashing out to get Amazon gift cards but this survey company offers PayPal payments also.

They surveys are really quick and easy and you can earn money pretty fast. Plus they will even start you off with $5! Make sure you also fill out your profile. They pay you more money to update your profile, plus they can match you with more surveys!

They also have easy entries to win an iPad 3 – so maybe I will not need to use my Amazon gift cards :)

Click here to sign up and start earning!! You can also cash out for Starbucks, CVS, PayPal, and more.

I have been saving my Amazon gift cards for a few months and I have about $200 in my Amazon account. My goal is about $375 to buy a refurbished iPad 2. But if I keep earning these gift cards so quickly I may have to get an iPad 3.

Here’s other ways I am earning my FREE gift cards. I am not earning them quickly because of referrals. You can earn free gift cards just as quickly and easily!

  • Swagbucks – this is the easiest way I can earn them.  (I have redeemed $375 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks.)
  • Opinion Outpost – You can instantly cash out for $5 Amazon gift cards. With only 50 points you get a $5 GC and most surveys are between 30-100 points.
  • MyPoints – Open emails from them and earn points to trade for Amazon GC.
  • TellWut - This is a new company. You answer quick surveys and get 10 points. (Really quick – like 2-4 questions.) You then cash out your points for Amazon GC.
  • Viggle – When you are watching TV you “check in” and they give you points. They have many options to cash out your points but I am waiting for Amazon GC. If you are thinking about joining, send me your email so I can refer you.
  • GSB Berhavior Lab – This is an online survey from Sanford Business School. You take surveys and some pay between $2-$5 in Amazon GC. Some surveys enter you in drawings for larger GC. Today I took a survey for them that paid me $20 in Amazon GC!
  • Dalily Deal Sites – I have bought a $20 Amazon gc for $10 through Living Social andGroupon. This week I was able to buy a $10 Amazon GC for $5 from Amazon Local.
  • eLab Survery Group (Yale University)
  • Trade In Your Electronics or Video Games For Amazon Credit

These are the things that I will do to get my free iPad. What other ways can you earn free Amazon gift cards? (You can also redeem your free money for other things like Starbucks gift cards or many other gift cards!) 

Other ways to earn free money (I have done these)

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