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Trip to Florida

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I have been in Florida for  a little more than 2 weeks. When we visit we stock up on supplies for stuff we will need until our next visit. (Or until someone comes to visit and brings us a bag of goodies!) Things in Mexico are more expensive and I feel like I get more for my money if I get it in Florida. Here are some of the amazing deals I got while I was here.

Polos shirts Reg. price $30 Paid $6
Computer bag/Purse Reg. $59 Paid $11
Brown Pants Reg. $44 Paid $4.40

Boys long sleeved t-shirts that lit up Reg. $22 Paid $2.50
DNKY Jeans Reg $44 Paid $4
Boy’s polo shirt Reg. $10 Paid $1.25

Formal Dress Reg. $189 Paid $9.39 (the cashier said it was marked wrong but had to give it to me for that price.)
Black Leather dress shoes Reg. $59 Paid $24 (more than I normally spend but soooo comfy!)

I had a few good trips to Publix. The first time I went I paid $34 and saved $54.
My mom and I went today and the bill was $40 and we saved $80!! It would have been more but our $5 off coupons was not printed right so we could not use it.

I bought 3 bottles of Aveeno body wash and paid $2 and got back $10 in ECB’s. (I had started with $10 in ECB’s)
I had ECB’s I had to use last night so I had about $30 work of stuff including rechargeable batteries, 10 pairs of socks, some food I needed to take back to Mexico and I only paid $5!

Hallmark Store
They had all of their 2008 Hallmark ornaments for $1!! The were regularly priced between $15-$20 each. I got a few for our tree. We try to add a few more every year.

I like going to thrift stores to buy things but at these prices I may as well buy them new! I will sure miss shoping in Florida, but I think we are supplied for a few months!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.