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Traveling With Kids

You can travel on a plane with kids - here are a few tips to make your trip easier on an airplane or any vacation

Today I will be flying home to Florida to spend Christmas with our families. I posted this over the summer but I thought it may be helpful for people traveling for Christmas.

I have traveled several times with my kids, alone and with my husband, and I want to share some things I have learned that have made our trips a lot easier!

Traveling by plane
– Before my older son turned 2 we flew from Mexico to Florida several times. Many of those trips we without my husband so here are some of the things I learned:

*This may sound bad but when we fly we have no rules. Not that our children get to act like brats but we try to make flying special so they know how to behave on airplanes. One thing that has helped is having candy. Having lollie pops has been a great thing to have with us. It not only helps the kids to be happy but it really helps if they are having problems with their ears because of the air pressure.

*Another treat is to bring snack that they don’t get to have often.

*Have a bottle ready around take off and landing. This will also help with their ears. One thing I once saw a flight attendant do for a screaming baby was get two cups and place them over the baby’s ears. The baby stopped crying! You could also cup your hands over the baby’s ears.

*Ziploc bags are my best friend while traveling! I have a Ziploc bag for toys, food, diaper supplies, and an extra one for smelly stuff. When I need to change my baby’s diaper I just grab the diaper Ziploc bag and that is all need to bring with me. ( I use this tip all the time in everyday life with my baby.) I don’t have to dig through my bag – everything I need is in 1 large Ziploc bag!

*I use Ziploc bags for my stuff too! I put our passports and any other important documents in a Ziploc bag with a pen so it is easily accessible.

*Take your stroller all the way to the gate. My stroller carries so much more than just my baby! I don’t want to have to carry that stuff if I don’t need to!

*Get on the plane last if you already have your assigned seat. You have more room in the airport than on the plane.

*When I am packing I put a few things in the outer pockets of my luggage so it is easier to access if I need something. I put extra diapers and clothes for my kids in there. I will also put an extra bottle or toy there so I can find it easier. I have also put a shirt in there for me! This is helpful so that when you arrive at your destination you do not have to unpack immediately. It is also good if you ran out of something in your diaper bag you can easily replenish your supplies without going through your whole suit case!

*Don’t let little things stress you out!

Traveling with my husband is easier but using these tips makes it easier to travel by myself.

Have a great trip!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.