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Ten Time-Saving Tips to Make Your Life as a Busy Mom Easier

I have 3 kids ages 6, 3, and 10 months. They sure do keep me busy. They never seem to all go to bed at the same time but they all seem to get up really early. This leaves me very little “me time”.
So in order to not go crazy I try to make my life a little easier. I believe if there is a faster and easier way to do something – I will figure it out!

Here are 10 tips that I hope can make your life a little easier!

1. Menu planning – I usually take a look at ads and some blogs that match up sales with coupons and try to make a menu for the week. I usually write out 6 dinners and shop for my ingredients. I keep the list on my fridge and each morning we look at it to see what we want for dinner. I can then defrost the meat and know when I need to start dinner.

2. Have stuff already prepared. I notice with fruits in my house that if they are not cut up and easy to eat, no one will eat the fruit. I also will apply this tip to my life when making something like rice or spaghetti that I will make in a future meal. I just double the recipe and stick it in the fridge until I need it.

3. Have a cleaning schedule. I try to designate each day to tackle a larger cleaning project. I usually pick Mondays to clean the floors, Tuesday bathrooms, etc. Of course there are things I need to clean every day, but at least I don’t feel overwhelmed to get everything clean in one day!

4. Shopping online. It is so much easier to go clothes shopping for my family online. I don’t have 3 kids in tow and I can often find a much better deal online. There are so many coupon codes available and you can get cash back from sites.

5. – This is my favorite place to get diapers and wipes. It is also usually the cheapest place and you can’t beat FREE 2-day shipping! Amazon is also a great place to buy groceries in bulk. I have seem amazing deals on cereal and peanut butter at Amazon! Another great thing – NO Tax!

6. Making lunches ahead of time. I usually get my sons lunch box together the night before so all I need to worry about in the morning is his sandwich. I also do this with our diaper bag when I know we have to be out of the house early.

7. Cell Phone Apps. Did you know that there a tons of apps that can make your life easier. Many of them are free for your iPhone or Android phones.

8. Make lists! I make a ton of lists so I don’t forget what I need to buy so I don’t have to make multiple trips to the store. I actually forget these lists a lot when going shopping, so I think I should start using shopping lists on my phone 🙂

9. Stay organized – I know easier said than done 🙂 I could waste so much time looking for stuff so it’s important to me to stay organized.

10. Google calendar. I love my Google calendar. It helps me stay on task. I also love it because I can add stuff to it an invite other people to it (like my husband). This will also help you to not overbook yourself!

Well there you have it – my 10 tips for making my life easier! Do you have a great time-saving tip? Please share it below!!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.