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Saving Money – Saving Time Part 2 Overage Vs Money Maker

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I hope this mini series will help you understand a little more about couponing. Over the next few weeks I am going to share a little bit about how I use coupons. If you have any questins please ask and I will tell you everything I know 🙂
You can read part 1 – Types of Coupons.

What is overage and what does it mean when it is a money maker?

Walmart recently changed their coupon policy. It is something that I am really happy about. When you buy a product that cost less then the coupon you have, they will apply the overage to your balance. There are not many stores that will give you the overage. Some stores will adjust the value of the coupon based on the price of the product.

For example – I had a coupon for $3 off any Gain product. At Walmat it only cost $1.97. That means they owe me $1.03. This is why I clip coupons that have a high value and a broad description. You may not need the product, but you could certainly use the overage. You could always donate what you are not going to use.

Money Maker
A money maker is different that overage. I often “make money” on purchases at CVS or Walgreens. It’s best described when you have something on sale, plus a coupon, plus you earn ECB (Extra Care Bucks) or RR (Register Rewards).

Here’s a great example I got a few months ago. I bought some diabetic foot medicine from Walgreens. It was on sale for $10 and you received $10 in RR. There was also an in-store coupon for $5 off. So I paid $5 and got back $10 in Register Rewards. This was a $5 money maker. (I was able to donate the foot medicine.)

So there you have it! It’s really simple and they are good things to understand when you use coupons!

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Thursday 6th of December 2012

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