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Online Shopping 101

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Do you shop online often? I do about 80% of my non – food shopping online! I shop online because it’s usually cheaper or about the same price, I can find coupon code, I can get cash back, and it’s delivered to my house! I love mail and I don’t have to waste my gas tracking down the good deals.

Here’s how I save the most money when I shop online.

Know your best price – Try to figure out how much you want to pay for a roll of paper towel (.50 cents/roll), toilet paper (.20 cents/roll), laundry soap (.06 cents per load), etc.

Look for coupon codes – I really like Retail Me Not. It’s really easy to navigate and you usually can find a code that will save you some money. If you are shopping at Amazon, make sure you check out the coupons.

Get Cash Back! – If you are doing any shopping online and you do not use a cash back site like Ebates, you are missing some FREE money!

Join the email newsletter of your favorite store – When they send out their newsletters, they sometimes have coupon code.

Comparison Shop – Check out Froogle and you can find how much it is being sold at other retailers.

Ask me 🙂 Seriously, I love to find a deal. If there is something you need to find, please ask and I will do my best to find you a great deal!

My favorite stores are Amazon ,,,, and Target.

What are your tips for saving money online?

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Cheryl L

Saturday 19th of January 2013

Thanks for the reminders...I keep forgetting about ebates!

Gina Brickell

Saturday 19th of January 2013

Froogle is a new site for me that I'll be checking out for sure. I don't usually do a lot of online shopping for staple items around the house and really didn't think you could get that good of a deal by even trying. Maybe I'm very wrong! I'm going to have to do a little research into this!


Saturday 19th of January 2013

I personally like shopping online, it seems like you can get better deals and some places offer free shipping...

tami s

Saturday 19th of January 2013

I always compare prices to get the best buy. I also stream and use free redbox codes so no cable bill anymore.


Friday 18th of January 2013

Subscribe to They will send you codes for free DVD rentals.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.