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App Review – Matryoshka! Deluxe For Kids

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My kids are constantly in the app store checking for apps. Sometimes they are looking for free apps, sometimes for apps that are on sale, or apps that they want to buy with their allowance money. There are so many apps out there. I like games that have some kind of educational value.

Matryoshka is a Russian nesting dolls app that helps with coordination and concentration for preschool kids! The DELUXE version comes with 65 dolls for more fun and more discoveries! At the end, children are rewarded with a fun activity: they will enjoy a delightful scene of exploding balloons, bubbles, fireworks, volcano rocks, and other surprises.

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More about this app

  • It helps with concentration and coordination
  • It helps with size discrimination and sequencing
  • It teaches the importance of organization
  • It includes various themes to discover: farm animals, sea animals, savanna animals, dinosaurs, monsters, bugs, professions, transports and soccer team to get familiar with numbers

My kids had a blast playing with this game. They were laughing about all the different characters that were nestled inside of each other. The quality of the picture was great. It also has cute music.  If you are looking for a fun app for your preschooler, check out Matryoshka!

The app is available in the Apple app store, Google Play, and the Amazon app store for Android for $1.99.

Disclosure –  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.