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Don’t Throw Away Those Onions!

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I use onions a lot! But I usually just need about a half of an onion for our recipes. I know I should have been doing this but I have started to dice up the rest of the onion and throw it in a freezer bag. Beside saving money because I didn’t throw away half an onion, I have been saving so much time.

You see when I have diced onions in the freezer it makes meal prep so much easier and faster. Plus, no extra dishes and my hands don’t smell like onions. The last few times I have made a crock pot meal – I have been able to pull a bag from the freezer and dinner is cooking a lot faster. (Yes there are times when I use my crock pot and it’s not a freezer meal 🙂

So the next time you are left with half an onion – take the extra minute to dice it up and save some time and money!

Tonight I was making Pico De Gallo chicken and this was the left over. It is so easy, delicious, and healthy. Out whole family loves it.

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Donna Hup

Friday 9th of August 2013

I go through so many onions too! This is so logical I'm not sure why I never thought of it! I'll be freezing mine now too. I also can't wait to check out the recipe! Thank you!


Thursday 8th of August 2013

We use onions and garlic in almost everything. I use whole onion most of the time because we make such large meals (to have leftovers). But this is a great idea! It makes me think of other things I could do this with and save some time and money.

Melanie K.

Wednesday 7th of August 2013

I just realized you can freeze onions too! We put in large gardens and are planning on trying this with the onions we have left from them. I'm anxious to see how they taste when we thaw them and eat them this winter.

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