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Doing Dubai for Less

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I have a friend that is visiting Dubai and I thought this article may be helpful to him. You can save money all over the world!

Meals and Deals — Doing Dubai for Less

People see the opulence of Dubai, the buildings glistening under the blazing sun which is sitting in a clear blue sky, the luxury cars cruising around below, and they think it’s like the most popular girl or guy in the school year: totally out of their league.

The funny thing is, though, it isn’t. For all the high standards of living on display there, Dubai still offers you the possibility of a highly enjoyable holiday without breaking into Fort Knox first.

Here’s how you can enjoy a Dubai holiday for less.


A stay in a middle of the range hotel can cost you around 400 DH ($108) upwards per night. If you’re happy to hike to the last stop on the metro, however, you can go easy on your credit card by staying at an easyJet easyHotel for around just 99 DH ($27) upwards per night. They are one of the pioneers in the budget travel industry. They  provides clean, comfortable and, most importantly, affordable accommodation.

Youth hostels in Dubai? Surely not! But yes, believe it or not, just 15 minutes from the airport there a several youth hostels that offer beds for around 100 DH per night. If you’re looking for the camaraderie that travel brings, their rooms sleep for 4 to 6 people. They’re popular, however, so book in advance.

Eating out

Don’t think you can only order bread and water in every Dubai restaurant. Dubai boasts a wealth of affordable restaurants, such as the Karachi Darbar, a chain of Eastern restaurants. If you are looking for  fast food,  you should visit the Jabal Al Noor regional fast food chain. If you fancy some of the local delicacies, you can try a shwarma — seasoned meat and vegetables on a pita  — for as little as 80 cents.

West is best? Not necessarily. Although it’s easier said than done, if you can try to avoid places where there are lots of Westerners you’ll find the food is cheaper.

Staying entertained

If you’re a sun worshipper, you can head to the beach to catch some rays. Just remember that this is Dubai, though, and you’ll still have to cover up slightly while you bask in the warm weather. Families can cool off by visiting the Wild Wadi, a water park with a variety of rides and which offers a cheap family ticket for a fun day out.

Of course, Dubai and shopping go together hand in hand. Take a boat across the Dubai Creek and pick up some bargains on the souks that are on either side. Just remember not to pay the first price they ask you. There’s a deal to be struck!

As you can see, despite all the opulence that Dubai exudes, going on vacation there doesn’t necessarily entail inflicting some damage on your personal finances with the credit card every time you pay the food or hotel bill. Be flexible in your requirements and you can make the most of trip. With the money you save,  you may even have more money to visit some of the more expensive attractions. Why should you miss out on the lavishness!


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Monday 28th of October 2013

These are some great tips. Dubai looks like an amazing place to visit. I had no idea it could be so affordable.

Alicia Johnson @ Tampa wedding photographer

Saturday 12th of October 2013

Great thoughts. We have a trip planned in a few months. I'll keep these things in mind.

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