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Saving Money With An All Inclusive Vacation

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I love to take mini-vacations. Since I am from Florida, it is easy to travel for a few hours and get to a nice vacation spot. No matter where you live, you can find an affordable vacation.

The best way to vacation is with an all inclusive vacation. Im going to tell you why you need to book all inclusive holidays in 2014. My favorite types of vacations are all inclusive vacations – especially when I am traveling with my kids. You see, as a mom, it is really hard to be on vacation when you still have to think about the meals. Everyone still wants to eat but no one wants to get out of the pool long enough to get dresses, decide on a place to eat, wait for your food, and then go back to your hotel. Sometimes I feel like all we do is figure out where we are going to eat!


If you would like to avoid the meal time drama, make sure your next vacation in an all inclusive vacation. All inclusive vacations don’t just include your food (even thought that’s my favorite part!) they also include airport transfers, drinks, entertainment and activities. These are all pre-paid and waiting for you so your vacation is really a vacation!

Another great thing about all inclusive vacations is that you do not need to budget any more money for expenses. Well, I am sure you will spend a little money on souvenirs, but other than that you have already paid for everything you need.

Have you ever wanted to try to water ski or do aqua aerobics? Well when you book an all inclusive vacation, these types of water activities are usually included.

All inclusive vacations really help me to try things that I normally would not try if I have to pay extra for it. For example, on the last all inclusive vacation we took I tried sushi. I hated it! I was so glad that I did not waste my money ordering a food I was not going to like. It really is the best way to really relax on vacation.

Make sure you follow DealChecker on Twitter to see more beautiful vacation spots! Where do you want to travel to this year? Book your vacation and save some money! Now all that is left to do is start packing!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.