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Why Having Travel Insurance With TravelEx Is A Good Idea

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This post is brought to you by TravelEx. All opinions are my own.

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My husband travels a lot. He has been to many countries all over the world. Now a days you have a better chance of having some kind of issue why traveling. Airlines have cut flights to destinations and they are on a much tighter schedule than in the past.

The last time my husband took a trip they lost his luggage and he did not get it back until about the sixth day of his trip. He had packed a few outfits in his carry-on, but it was still a pain to not know if he should just want for his luggage or if he should venture out to shop in a foreign land. (Luckily he didn’t have anything fancy to go to during this time!)


If he would have had bought trip insurance, he would have been able to buy new clothing without worrying about spending the money. Travel insurance from Travelex would have covered his delayed baggage. They would have given him $250 to buy things that he needed until his baggage arrived.

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Other issues can arise when you are traveling. If you are prevented from taking your covered trip for one of the covered reasons, they will reimburse you, up to the amount in the schedule, for the amount of forfeited, and prepaid, non-refundable, and unused payments or deposits that you paid for your covered trip.

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Has your trip ever been delayed? This is also a covered benefit!  If your covered trip is delayed for 5 hours or more, they will reimburse you, up to the amount shown in the schedule, for reasonable additional expenses incurred by you for hotel accommodations, meals, telephone calls, and local transportation while you are delayed.

Another time my husband had a flight scheduled out of Louisville at 7:00am and he was delayed and didn’t leave until about 2pm. This would have been nice for him to have!

A cruise vacation is awesome – but what happens if your flight is delayed and you miss your cruise? That is covered too. They will reimburse you for covered expenses, up to the amount shown in the schedule, should you miss your cruise departure as the result of the cancellation or delay of 3 or more hours of all regularly scheduled airline flights due to inclement weather. This can be very stressful when your flights are delayed and you have other appointments or connections!

Travel Select Benefits

  • Premium travel insurance to match your lifestyle
  • Premier trip insurance upgrade options
  • Kids under 21 covered at no additional cost
  • Global emergency medical and evacuations
  • 3 unique Lifestyle Pak upgrades available to suit your needs
  • Primary coverage with no deductibles

TravelEx has over 55 years of experience protecting travel investments from the unknown, Travelex is a world leader in travel insurance. Travelex travel insurance plans anticipate the coverage needed while customized upgrades offer the ultimate in travel insurance security.

TravelEx is the ultimate in travel protection and emergency travel assistance. Get a Quote Now at! Plans are as low as $25!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.