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Price Protection Benefits From Your Credit Card

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I always charge large purchases on my credit card. I always pay it off right away. I do this so I can earn rewards and get other benefits. The best reason for me is the Price Protection.

For example, I have a Visa card I use more often and they give me 60 day’s Price Protection. But I just realized my Discover Card gives me 90 days price protection. I do my best to find the best deal – but things do go on sale. So having this available as part of my card’s benefits is really a huge perk.

Before I realized I had this protection – I used the price protection from (They also give you 10% cash back on everything you buy online!) I have already been able to claim $100 cash back on my washing machine and patio set because they were $100 cheaper during the 90 day period. only has a limit of $100 but my Discover Card gives me up to $500.

This year we are going to need to purchase a refrigerator and a living room set – so this will make it easier to find the product I love and continue to save money if the price goes down.

What I have been doing is adding a link to my calendar for the product page. I tell it to remind me for 90 days to check the link to see if the price was cheaper than what I paid. It only takes a few seconds and it literally could save you HUNDREDS of Dollars!

Now that I know about the added benefits of my Discover Card – I think that will be my go-to card for large purchases!

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Check out the benefits your credit cards offer with your purchases. You may have benefits you are not taking advantage of!

If you don’t have a card that has great perks – sign up for a Discover Card. You will also get a $50 bonus after making a purchase within three months of opening a new Discover account. (There is no annual fee.)

Around Christmas time I always use my Discover Card because during the months of October, November, and December you get 5% cash back on your online purchases! You can even use your cash back bonuses when you check out at!

What is your favorite credit card perk?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.