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Quinoa Dinner Recipe {12 Days Of}

Quinoa Dinner Recipe {12 Days Of}



Welcome back! It is the last day of our 12 Days of Blogger’s Favorite Recipe! And we have something that not only tastes great but is also good for you! Quinoa is one of my favorite things to cook with, so I know I’m going to love today’s recipe!

This quinoa recipe comes from Stephanie at Sharing A to Z. It is fast, healthy and so versatile! You probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry and it is ready in less than 15 minutes. So, it is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner. To try it for your meal, check out the recipe here: http://sharingatoz.com/2015/07/quinoa-dinner/

Don’t forget to check out all 12 of our recipes on the linky below and I hope you enjoyed them all!

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