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Give the Gift Of Reading ~ Bethlehem Books

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This information is brought to you by Bethlehem Books. All opinions are my own. #2015HGG

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About a year ago my oldest son started to love to read. He couldn’t get his hands on enough books to read and that love of reading rubbed off on his younger brother. It makes me so happy to see them reading. My younger son is in 2nd grade and he has been reading books that are at a 5th grade level. I think it is so important to have good books available for my kids.

We had been homeschooling for many years and I realized we had many books in our homeschool curriculum from Bethlehem Books. They were always great stories and illustrations.

Bethlehem Books is a publishing company that offers many of those “right books.” They specialize in historical fiction, adventure tales, biographies, and family stories that help children and young adults expand their imagination and understand the past. With many titles available, they are a great option if you are looking for exceptional books that captivate their audiences. The books are available in print or eBooks.

Here’s a few books that you may want to purchase for your child (or yourself) this holiday season!

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The Hedge School
It is perilous to be a Catholic in the Ireland of 1735, and almost more than can be borne for fifteen-year-old Padraic Fitzbrian. Nearly 100 years before, Lord Protector Cromwell of England had put down the Irish rebellion—confiscating lands, killing priests, outlawing the Mass and prohibiting education of any kind for Irish Catholics. Padraic and his two friends, Liam and Rose, are in their last year as scholars in the forbidden and risky “all-weathers” classroom under the hedgerow. 


A Day on Skates is a brilliant picture book about a Dutch boy and his sister who go on a skating picnic with their teacher for the whole day. It is an adventurous tale that draws the reader into the story and gives insight into a world far away. There are seven full-cover paintings and numerous line drawings enliven this Commemorative edition

The Miracle of St. Nicholas

The Miracle of St. Nicholas is another great children’s book about a Russian boy and his babushka who talk about the past and faith and hope for miracles.

Kitchen Madonna
Bethlehem Books has also published a book titled Kitchen Madonna, which shares the story of a boy and girl who love their Ukrainian cook so much that they seek to find her a beloved icon in the middle of bustling London.

About Bethlehem Books:

Bethlehem Books is a small, home grown publishing company dedicated to restoring to children and families a treasury of wholesome, character-building literature. They are more than just a business. Their work springs from the heart of the Bethlehem Community of Benedictine Oblates, a lay group of families and single people which began in 1971.

If you are looking for good children’s books or books for the whole family, be sure to look at the selection at Bethlehem Books. You should also follow their Facebook page because they offer discounts on your purchases. You can also subscribe to their email newsletter for updates.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.