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Fun App For Kids – Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play App

This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play App. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

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My daughter loves to play with my iPhone. But there are so many weird apps available that I never know what apps to download for her. I was very happy to try out Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play AppIt is such a fun app that she can play and I know she is having fun and learning a something!


When she first opened the app she picked a fish and we added her name. There was a person floating in the water talking to her and they even said her name. Captain McFinn & Friends is the only children’s entertainment brand featuring LIVE interactive guided play.


About Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play:

Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play has real, live people, known as Explorers, respond in real time to how a your child engages with Captain McFinn’s interactive undersea world. It made the game so much more fun! They encourage a child while enjoying fun games and learning activities– even addressing individual gameplay and learning via the child’s animated avatar name. (The kids can see the Explorers, the Explorers can’t see them.)

The goal of the Swim & Play app, as well as the entire Captain McFinn brand, is to help preschoolers (children ages 3-5) learn social and emotional skills that they need to get along with others and be successful in school and life – such as sharing and politeness, playing as a group, being thankful and respecting others.


Your child will love this game because there is so much to explore. It offers 250 animated hot spots with interactive McFinn characters, original McFinn cartoons, preschool music videos and songs and eight different activities focusing on drawing, creating music and reading.

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Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play sells for just $2.99 in the Apple Store and through Google Play. The graphics are amazing and the app is so fun that your child will love it. And you will love it because it teaches life skills and promotes kindergarten readiness and can be put into practice at home, at school and at play!

If you are looking for an app for your 3-5 year old, make sure you check out Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play!

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