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How I saved $872 in about 15 minutes!

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How I saved about $1000 in about 15 minutes!We are going to be closing on a new house next month. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. Since we lived overseas, we haven’t owned a house since 2002! Since then we have lived in pretty small, loud places. It’s always been like apartment living and it’s been too long. I can’t wait for my kids to play with their friends in the neighborhood and to have a back yard to play in until it gets dark. Oh and the kitchen – it is amazing!!

So with a new house comes the need to reevaluate the budget. There are not many things in our budget that are adjustable, so when I got my latest car insurance bill for $247 for 2 cars I knew this was something I needed to change. Usually I was paying $167 and that felt  high.


Earlier in December we were in a car accident. The other driver hit the side of our van and she had Geico. The whole process was amazing. We took our car to a location and it was where they fixed our car and gave us a rental. The rental we had was too small so Enterprise even came and delivered us a minivan! I received a few texts about the progress of the van. It really was an easy experience. 

The first place I checked for a new car insurance policy was Geico. I compared it to my current policy and the total per month was just $101! That’s a savings of $66 per month – plus the large amount I had to pay in January, I would be saving $872. (That’s $73 per month!) 

I did everything online and when I called they answered all my questions and I switched my policy. I printed out my new cards and we are ready to go! It was a very simple process.

I did check a few other places and the prices were still around $150 per month. Geico was my best option!

Next I need to see if I can find a better price for life insurance. I think I have the lowest price health insurance possible. I will be meal planning and using coupons a lot more too!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing about the home buying process, living in a cold climate, and the items inside our house. I plan on getting crafty – so I hope if I can do it you will be inspired!

How do you stretch your dollars further each month?

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**Please note – I am not working with Geico to promote their products. I was truly impressed with the service we received and I am very happy about the cost of our auto insurances. 

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Wednesday 30th of December 2015

That's great that you were able to save that much in car insurance, great job! I also liked that you turned a negative experience into a positive outcome. We saved money recently by dropping cable and switching to satellite.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.