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Holiday Gift Idea For Ages 4-10 – Dinotrux Toys

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I received product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

My boys love the animated series Dinotrux on Netflix. When it first premiered, my youngest son had just broken his wrist. He was home from school and just wanted to relax in my room. We pulled up Netflix on my TV and noticed a new show. He asked to watch it and I think he finished the season in the 2 days that he was home. He was very excited about the new season that came out over the summer.

Season 2 of Dinotrux started over the smmer so let me give you a quick rundown about the show:


Ty and his best friend Revvit are back, building and battling in an all-new DINOTRUX Season 2! The turf war escalates when D-Structs unveils a buzz-saw tail, battles with battering-ram Skya and kidnaps Revvit.  Together the team saves the Ottos from a meteor crash, goes underground to escape the Desert Scraptors and builds a racetrack with Ton-Ton’s friends the Dumps. The fun never ends with the crew that’s half dinosaur, half truck and all awesome! From Dreamworks Animation, DINOTRUX Season 2 premieres March 11, only on Netflix.


New Characters & Species

ROLLODON (MONTANOCERATOPS + STEAMROLLER): Steamrollers crossed with Chasmosaurs, the powerful Rollodons are always on the move, migrating in herds like wild buffalo and flattening everything in their path.  They use their giant rollers to crack and churn ore out of the ground, eating on the go, and their simple jaw structure allows them to say only one word: “roll.”

GLUPHOSAUR (DILOPHOSAURS + GLUE GUNS): Lightning fast and fiercely protective of their treasured green ore, gluphosaurs will spit sticky glue at any Trux who dares get too close!

TOWACONSTRICTOR (SNAKE + TOW CHAINS): Slithering metallic snakes of the Mechazoic World, these rattlers can cause trouble for anyone who ventures too close to their nest in The Dark Forest… but they can also be convinced to link together to form long tow cables to help a Trux or Tool in need.

SCRAPTOR WITH GIANT HORN: Sun-bleached and with crooked metal horns growing out of their heads, desert scraptors hide underground, using ore to lure unwitting Trux to their secret trap doors where they pounce out and attack.  Creatures of instinct, they honor a very specific system of hierarchy and rank, following the “Alpha Scraptor” with the biggest horns.

There are several awesome toys available this holiday season that your kids will love.


Dinotrux Epic Ton-Ton Vehicle

  • Caracter Ton-Ton comes in extra-large hero scale for big-time fun!
  • His huge size means he can carry a big load to highlight his dump truck-ability
  • Pull out his tail to use as a shovel and help fill up his dump truck
  • Transport your cargo and unload with a simple lift
  • It’s Mechazoic Era action and mega fun!


Remote Controlled Ty Rux (49.95):

  • RC Dinotrux Fun with Reptool Control Ty Rux!
  • Features five modes of motorized play with the easy-to-use RC control
  • Find Revvit mode allows you to point the Revvit remote control at Ty Rux as he follows you around
  • Also in Find Revvit mode, when you place the remote control within an eight-foot distance of Ty Rux, watch as he scans the area to find his buddy Revvit
  • Standard RC mode can make Ty Rux go forward, backward, or make a directional change by pressing the Dance button


Large Scale Ty Rux Character  $22.99

  • The half-dinosaur, half-construction vehicle characters from Dinotrux are ready to speak their mind
  • Large-scale Ty Rux is ready for a heavy-duty mission!
  • Kid-powered motion activates sounds, phrases and movements unique to his personality
  • Ty Rux features rolling wheels for easy push-around play
  • Includes 1 Dinotrux vehicle


D-Structs  ($24.99)

  • The mega-mean D-Structs features a pullback motor to rev-up your next adventure
  • D-Structs comes with rolling wheels and unique movements that show off his truck-ability and personality
  • Collect all the vehicles (sold separately) to build out the prehistoric world of Dinotrux!
  • Includes 1 Dinotrux vehicle

2-Pack Skrap-It and Waldo Character 

  • The half-dinosaur, half-construction vehicles from Dinotrux deliver ferocious fun!
  • This 2-pack offers fans variety by featuring two favorite Reptools from the show: Skrap-It and Waldo
  • Each small-scale character features movements that reflect its on-screen personality and unique “toolability”
  • Look for Revit and Tortool (sold separately) to expand your Reptools collection!
  • Includes Skrap-It and Waldo character figures

As you can see there are so many awesome Dinotrux toys available this holiday season! Perfect for under the tree or in a stocking! They are really a popular toy this holiday season!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.