Common Sense Media Viewer’s Guide to Disney Channel’s Original Series Andi Mack

ANDI MACK – Disney Channel’s “Andi Mack” stars Sofia Wylie as Buffy, Joshua Rush as Cyrus, Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi and Asher Angel as Jonah. (Disney Channel/Craig Sjodiin)

Have you heard about the brand new Disney Channel original show Andi Mack? It’s the brain child of Terri Minsky and is perfect for kids and families.

With a track record of creating strong and relatable female characters including Disney Channel’s iconic “Lizzie McGuire,” writer and executive producer Terri Minsky returns to Disney Channel with a contemporary coming-of-age story about a 13-year-old girl named Andi Mack.

The warm, relatable and funny stories of “Andi Mack,” geared towards kids, tweens and families, center on the most important things in any young person’s life – family, friends and the journey of self-discovery. 

Newcomer Peyton Elizabeth Lee stars as Andi Mack, a girl whose life goes from routine to roller coaster overnight. In the serialized story, Andi is contemplative and artistic and sheltered by overprotective parents.  But on the eve of her 13th birthday, Andi’s free-spirited older sister Bex returns home with a revelation that changes everything, and sends Andi on an uncharted course of self-discovery.  At least she’s in good company; her best friends, Cyrus and Buffy, are also figuring out their places in the world.  Along the way, Andi learns that sometimes the unexpected is what makes life great.

Andi was raised in a loving yet overprotective home. Now, with Bex’s encouragement, she begins to step outside her comfort zone, particularly when it comes to approaching the most intriguing guy at Jefferson Middle School — Jonah Beck, whom she quickly realizes is dating a high school girl, Amber. Andi proves that her greatest strengths may be how she accepts life’s unpredictability with optimism.  She also finds solace by tapping into her creativity in her backyard hideaway, the Andi Shack.

Joining Peyton Lee in the ensemble cast are Lilan Bowden (“Zombie Apocalypse”) as Rebecca “Bex” Mack, Lauren Tom (“The Joy Luck Club,” “Friends”) as Celia Mack, Joshua Rush (Disney Junior’s “The Lion Guard”) as Cyrus Goodman, Sofia Wylie (“Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn,” “So You Think You Can Dance”) as Buffy Driscoll and Asher Angel as Jonah Beck. Recurring cast members are Stoney Westmoreland (“Scandal,” “War Dogs”) as Henry “HAM” Mack, Emily Skinner as Amber and Trent Garrett (“All My Children,” “New Girl”) as Bowie.

 The executive producers are Terri Minsky (“Lizzie McGuire”) and Michelle Manning (“The Breakfast Club,” Disney Channel Original Movies “Adventures in Babysitting” and “Teen Beach 2”). Phil Baker (Disney Channel’s “Good Luck Charlie”) is a co-executive producer. The series is from Horizon Productions and filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Continuing to provide a tool for parent and families, in Part Two of Common Sense Media’s video viewer’s guide “Conversations About Andi Mack,” Youth development expert Dr. Yalda T. Uhls of Common Sense Media and families discuss the themes of teamwork, friendship and parenting styles represented in the latest episode. The conversations include tips and suggestions from Dr. Uhls, and insights and personal experiences from families on how to use the storytelling in the series to initiate and navigate through meaningful conversations with your family.

 Check out the clip below and let me know your thoughts! 

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