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How to Find a Great Luxury Mattress for Your Needs

When you think of luxury, two things probably come to mind: luxury cars and luxury homes. But what about that magical oasis you retreat to each night to prepare yourself for another long day? Luxury mattresses are often overlooked because they’re pricey, but a mattress that improves your sleep is one of the best investments you can make.

Shopping for a luxury mattress can be tough; manufacturers work hard to create advanced technologies that help you sleep better, but all of those terms can get jumbled in your head. So what should you look for in a luxury mattress? Check these tips out before you shop.

Determining Your Type

People come in all shapes and sizes, and have varying needs when it comes to mattresses. Just because a luxury mattress gets positive reviews doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you; that’s where finding out what you prefer in a mattress comes into play. There are many different mattress options, including different materials, technologies, firmness levels and more. By figuring out your favorite options and finding a mattress with all of them, you’re much more likely to find a mattress you’re happy with.

Mattresses come in three different materials—memory foam, coil, and Sleep Number—each with its own benefits. Memory foam mattresses are great if you’re looking for a soft mattress with minimal motion transfer. Coil mattresses are the most common and come in a wide range of styles, including plush, firm and pillow top. Sleep Number mattresses have inflatable air pockets that allow you to customize the firmness of your mattress on demand.

You have two basic choices when it comes to firmness: firm and plush. Firm mattresses generally provide better support while plush mattresses are softer and have more cushion. There are also extra-firm and extra-plush options available.

Technology is the biggest area where mattresses have improved over the past few decades. There are a number of different mattress technologies designed for specific purposes; some keep you cool, some provide extra support, and some prevent the edges of your mattress from sagging. If you’re looking for a particular set of features in a mattress, look into the technology it uses.


Don’t forget to look into each mattress’s warranty; with a purchase this large, you don’t want to be left high and dry if something goes wrong with your luxury mattress.

Best Options

If you still need some help finding an affordable luxury mattress, we’ve put together a list of some of the best options currently available below.

Amerisleep Liberty ($1099): Amerisleep may not be the biggest name, but their Liberty mattress has certainly made a name for itself. It features four layers; an extra-breathable layer on top for temperature control, a soft yet supportive layer beneath that, an eco-friendly Bio-Core™ base layer to prevent edge sag, and a high-performance cover to keep everything in place. This mattress is a good balance of soft and firm, so it’s a great option if you share your bed, and it’s very reasonably priced for the features it offers.

Tempur-Pedic Cloud (Starting at $1799): If you’ve ever considered buying a luxury mattress, chances are you’re familiar with Tempur-Pedic. For years, they’ve been expertly crafting memory foam mattresses in a range of styles, all designed to be ridiculously comfortable. Their entry-level Cloud line of mattresses ranges from medium soft to softest—perfect if you’re looking for an extra-cushy luxury mattress. They all feature a multi-layer system with one layer for support, one for comfort, and one designed to keep you at your ideal sleeping temperature all night.

Saatva Loom & Leaf ($1099): As one of the original mattress e-tailers, Saatva has been making affordable luxury mattresses that people love since 2011. Their luxury option, the Loom & Leaf, embodies everything Saatva; it’s high-tech, comfortable, and uses eco-friendly materials. There are two options—relaxed firm and firm—both of which are designed to provide great support without being too firm.

With so many options to pick from, there’s a luxury mattress out there for everybody. And you don’t have to spend a fortune for comfort, either; there are luxury mattresses available for many budgets. With some research and comparison shopping, you can revolutionize your sleep without emptying your wallet.

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