People move for many different reasons including a new job, retirement or to live closer to your family. Whatever your reasons it comes with mixed emotions. There are the thrill and excitement of moving to a new state and the anguish of the cost involved. If you’re moving on a budget there are several ways to lower the costs and make it more affordable.

Finding the right movers

It’s important to note that all moving companies are not the same. The first thing you need to do is contact several reputable companies like North American Van Lines and get a quote. If any company refuses a written quote don’t use them. Simply, contact the next one on your list. Once you have 2 or 3 companies that are within the same price range, the next thing you want to do is check their background and customer service rating. This is important because your entire life’s cargo is going to travel across the states with them.

Schedule your move for off season

Once you have your movers selected you’ll want to check the difference in the rates if you schedule the move for the off-season. Usually, the months from the spring through September cost the most due to supply and demand. If it’s possible to change the date to a time after the peak season, you can save a few hundred to a few thousand, depending on where you are moving to and the number of boxes and furniture you are bringing with you. If you can’t change the date, you can still lower the original estimate by moving during the week.

Pack your own boxes

Moving is a time-consuming task. No matter which way you go, you need your things packed before you can move. Here’s an area where you can again reduce the cost of the estimate by boxing up your things on your own. Plus, if you supply your own boxes, you can save even more. Check with the local supermarkets and retail stores to see if they have any boxes that you can have. Most times, these places are more than willing to unload them. If not, you can still acquire boxes at your local department or hardware store for much less per box than the moving company charges. Just make sure that you have the same number of boxes in the sizes you agreed to on the written estimate. If you go over the count you agreed to or the allotted sizes you’ll pay dearly for it. Also, since you’re doing it yourself, the moving company will not be responsible if damage occurs during the transport.


Typically most people have many items that they longer need or want. If you haven’t done spring cleaning for a number of years, it makes sense to go through your items carefully and to bring only what you want and things that you need. Remember that the more space you use up on the truck the higher the cost of the move. Once you have the items set aside that you no longer need, you can host a yard sale to help pay for some of the expenses involved with the move and then the items that remain after, give to charity.

A tax credit

If your move is a work related move and you are transferring to another state, you may get a percentage reimbursed through the company. If they do not offer that, you can still file it with your taxes for the year to reduce the amount you’ll owe.

There’s no doubt that moving is expensive. There are so many things to take care of, most of which cost money. But, if you plan ahead and avoid the peak season, schedule your move for during the week, downsize and do the packing on your own, you can shave off thousands and make it much more affordable.

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