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EasyKicks With Nike: Get A New Pair Of Nike Sneakers Every Month #EasyKicksClub 

If you are a parent, you know that you go through a lot of shoes and clothes. They grow so fast. I feel like I am at the store every month looking for a new pair of shoes for 1 of my 3 kids. I came across a website that is going to take the hassle out of shoe shopping with my kids.

EasyKicks is the first and only sneaker club that takes the hassle out of shoe shopping for fast-growing kids. For just $20 a month, kids have access to brand new Nike and Converse styles. When shoes are too small, wrecked, or they want a new pair, parents can order the next pair and send the previous pair back to be recycled. It’s that easy.


It’s easy to set up – just visit and pick out a pair of shoes. They have many to pick from. In a few days, you will receive a box that is personalized for your child with a brand new pair of shoes.

When your kids are ready for a new pair, head online pick out another pair of sneakers and when they arrive – send back the old shoes. There’s a fun envelope to send the shoes back in. It even has a place where the kids can draw some of the activities they did while wearing their shoes.

They have sizes 4C-7Y which is what most 2-10-year-old kids wear.

EasyKicks With Nike: Get A New Pair Of Nike Sneakers Every Month #EasyKicksClub 

Every year for Christmas I like to get my kids something they need. Shoes are always on this list. So for just $20 per month, I am going to give my kids the gift of new shoes. And not just 1 pair they can wear until they grow out of them….they can change the style sneaker they want anytime.

This is one happy boy! He has only had these shoes for a week, and he is torn because he loves these shoes and wants to keep them forever but he also wants to try out some new shoes.

EasyKicks is going to end to the stress of shopping for kids shoes once and for all! Even better…if you keep your shoes for at least 90 days, they’re yours to keep! So for $60, you have a nice pair of Nike Sneakers, and you can order another pair.

If you are ready to take the stress out of shoe shopping with your kids order them a subscription to EasyKicks!

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