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I Love This #MacysSurprise Story + Find Great Deals At Macy’s!

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Thanks to Macy’s and for sponsoring this information. All opinions are my own. #MacysSURPRISE

I Love This #MacysSurprise Story + Find Great Deals At Macy's!

Have you ever wanted to walk up to someone in a store and tell them you want to pay for their stuff? I had that opportunity this weekend during a trip to Macy’s.

Last week I got an email asking me if I would like to go into my local Macy’s and find someone buying holiday gifts and then pay for $100 of their order. Of course I said yes! It is nice to be on the receiving end of this kind of generosity – but it’s even better to be on the giving end.

On Sunday we headed to the mall. My kids were with us and they were in on the plan. We headed upstairs and found a couple that had their hands full of items. I heard them talking about who the gifts were for – so I knew they were doing Christmas shopping. The husband would leave the area and then come back with some stuff and they would set it on the counter.

We walked around acting like we were looking for a new hoodie for my husband. (And he did find one he wanted.) My kids made sure they were still shopping and made sure to tell me when it was time for us to get in line behind this unsuspecting couple.

I grabbed a sweat shirt and got in line behind her. She turned to me and said that there was another register close by without a wait. I told her it was ok because I was still waiting on my husband 🙂

Once the cashier started to ring up her items I told her I had a secret…I wasn’t really shopping and waiting in line to pay, I was there to pay for $100 of her Macy’s purchase. She didn’t know what to say. She asked if it was for real and then she was so very grateful!

After the cashier completed the order, I handed over my gift card and put a big dent into her holiday purchases!

My kids were all smiles and they loved being able to surprise someone with this awesome gift. It is something we want to do more often for other shoppers!

If you need to finish up your Christmas shopping – head to Macy’s. You may not find someone to pay for your purchase, but there will be great deals available from Macy’s all through the holiday season. Happy Shopping!

Here are some of the deals you can find!

  • Until 12/11 use code FRIENDS and save 30% on items. (Extra 25% or 10% in other departments)
  • You can also use your Macy’s Card and get free shipping or purchase an item from the beauty department.
  • You will find great deals on kitchen products, bedding, clothes for the whole family and more! Or check out their Gift Guide for suggestions for the perfect gift!

Now is the time to shop at Macy’s and get all of your Christmas shopping done!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.