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**This deal has ended but come back because I should have a code that you can use to save a percentage on your order!**

Try code SUPER147 to get 22% off. 

Zaycon chicken only comes around a few times a year. And every time I get a case! If I had a bigger freezer I would get 2 cases! My next pick  up isn’t until March – and I am just about out. So our family could really use more chicken.

If you have never tried this chicken – now is the time!! You can get a case for just .99 cents per pound. That means just $39.60 for 40 pounds of chicken.


This is the most amazing deal that you do not want to miss! I have never see chicken this cheap – and I have been buying my chicken from Zaycon for years!

Here’s the deal:

New members can order a case of Zaycon boneless, skinless chicken beasts for just .99 cents per pound!

  • Click here to create an account.
  • Then click “Shop By Product” then find boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Click it and find a location near you and add it to your cart.
  • When you are checking out use code 99CENTS – that will bring your total down to just $39.60 for 40 pounds of chicken!

If you don’t think it will fit in your freezer – split it with a friend!

I haven idea how long this sale will last – so take advantage of it NOW!

If you need a good chicken recipe, check out this recipe for chicken parmesan.

Easy Chicken Parmesan Recipe


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