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The Cost Of An Education: The Cheap Methods To Get Your Kids Qualified

It seems that one of the places where you can’t be savvy with your money is in education. After all, college is one of those big expenses in life that practically financially cripples every family. But, what if there’s a way to ensure that your children get their educational needs, but without you spending through the nose?

What Does Your Child Want To Do?

Before thinking about what college to send your child to, and panicking about money, does your child even want to go to college? In fact, what does your child want to do with their life? It’s better to ask these questions first, and then you can easily whittle down your options. If your child wants to do something that’s more hands-on, is it even necessary for them to go to college? It seems that many of the essential life skills now don’t require a few years in college. Instead, trades like car repair, plumbing, or even teaching sports can be done through a grassroots approach. A lot of these careers can be done through an apprenticeship. This means that your child gets to go to work and observe everything first hand, which isn’t the case when they get sent off to college for a few years. In fact, when they leave college, they still have to undergo a lot of learning, depending on the job they choose.

Raising Money

If your child wants to go to college, saving the money can be a very big challenge. Especially when you think about things like student loan debt, it can be very off-putting for the majority of parents. But remember, there are college saving plans around. It depends on where you are in the world, but in the United States, there are plans like the 529 plan, which is offered by more than 30 states. Other plans include prepaid college tuition plans, or even credit cards that can help towards your child’s college education. If you really are struggling, you could launch a crowdfunding campaign. You might be pleasantly surprised, but it does depend on your circumstances! Be careful with this one.

Going Closer To Home

On the other hand, if your interpretation of the word “education” is very loose, then almost anything can be an education. The great thing about ways and means of education now is that it can be done almost anywhere. College degrees can be done online now, and this is a fantastic way to save money on education fees. In fact, studying something like an engineering management degree online means you can complete the course as slowly or as quickly as you want. So for your children who are looking to find their way in the world, and have to make the choice between working full-time and getting an education, these online courses provide that steady balance. There are so many business courses that are completed online while people actually work full-time hours. If your child can’t afford to take a year out and go travelling, and work while they are abroad, this provides a good balance. Other ways of getting a remote education would be to embrace the autodidactic approach. In other words, this is learning by yourself, whether through free introductory courses online. Resources like FutureLearn, or even TED Talks have a wealth of information that can provide that spark of inspiration to send your child on their right direction in life.

We can’t deny our children a good education, but it seems that now, many parents are having to make a choice early on in life, before the child themselves can articulate, whether to send them to college or not. But the term “education” is a very broad spectrum. And if you are looking to educate your children in the vagaries of life but cannot afford to send them to college, there are many options available for you. It is easier to bash college nowadays, especially as everybody seems to be able to get a degree, and while a degree is still important to an extent, it isn’t the be all and end all. Because employers are now looking for a wide variety of skills, not just an education, by not sending your kids to college, and showing them what really is out there, they can then pick the most suitable methods of education for themselves. Online learning is very popular, but if they find that they would rather go work in the field and gain an education that way, then this will be another way for them, not just to learn about a specific career, but to also get a leg up in life.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.