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Visit Holiday World And Splashin’ Safari This Summer

In my quest to take a few mini family vacations this year that are a few hours from Louisville, Kentucky I have found an amazing theme park I think we are going to love!

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari have everything you need for a full day of fun in the sun. It’s an amusement park and water park! Before I tell you about all the cool things at Holiday World – check out all these freebies that are included in your admission ticket:

  • Free Parking
  • Free sunscreen (you’ll need that in this hot summer sun!)
  • Free wi-fi
  • Free Soft Drinks! You will not be thirsty because you can get as many FREE refills as you want!

Click here to purchase your ticket. You can pick the day you want to go and save or buy an “any day” ticket so you can be flexible when you visit.

Holiday World is not just an amusement park with lots of cool rides – it also has a water park, Splashin’ Safari. That way you can do all the fun adventurous stuff and then head over to the water park to cool down and have more fun.

Must see at Holiday World:


Thunderbird Steel Roller Coaster (Thanksgiving Land)

What? No lift hill? That’s right! Thunderbird launches riders from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds. Then multiple loops, rolls, twists, and turns begin: including a 14-story Immelmann loop, Zero-g roll, barrel roll, and the tallest vertical loop on any wing coaster! With top speeds of 60MPH, you are going to love the thrill of this ride.


Mammoth Water Coaster at Splashin’ Safari

How many water parks have not just one, but two, water coasters? And they’re the two longest in the world (certified by the Guinness World Record folks)! I’m from Florida – and this is impressive! Mammoth towers seven stories from highest to lowest point and covers more than three acres. The massive Mammoth begins with a conveyor ride up the water coaster’s lift hill.

There are five enclosed slide sections. And many twists and turns. Plus air-time, that incredible feeling of being lifted off your seat. Your whole family will be able to challenge Mammoth together because it holds 6 people.

This park is for the whole family! They have lots of attractions for little kids too!

There are so many rides at Holiday World and Splashing’ Safari. Make sure you check out their websites for all the information you need to visit this must-see water park! This park made the list of the Top 10 Theme Parks! This was a USA Today poll and voted by readers.

Did you know that Holiday World is located in Santa Clause Indiana? The theme park has a few different lands that include Thanksgiving, Halloween, 4th of July and of course, Christmas! If you want to stay a few days, make sure to book a cabin at Lake Rudolph. (Check out my review for more information! We loved it there!)

I haven’t been here yet – but I hope we can find a day to visit because it’s just over an hour drive from Louisville. Plus they are in the central time zone, so you gain an hour of fun!

Have you been? Let me know your favorite parts, so I make sure to check it out!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.