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Help Your Kids Drink More Water With Gululu – An Interactive Smart Water Bottle & Health Tracker

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This information is brought to you by Gululu. All opinions are my own.

In my house, we are getting ready to go back to school! I love summer vacation. I have the luxury of working from home so that means I get to spend more time with my kids doing fun things, taking vacation, sleeping in and more. But that also means my schedule is crazy! It’s hard to get work done, the house is always a mess, and I feel like I live in the kitchen!

So going back to school is awesome and sad for me. I am looking for a little more structure to our days. I am also not around during the day to encourage them to eat healthy and drink enough water.

My kids’ school lets them keep a water bottle at their desk. They can even refill it during the day. So this year my youngest is going to be drinking more water from her Gululu Water bottle. We have been using it for a couple of weeks and it really helps her to drink more water. We have gone through so many kids water bottles but this is the one that is really going to help her track and encourage her water intake.

How it works:

The water bottle tracks hydration and encourages the child to drink with the help of an educational pet-growing game. As kids consume more water from their Gululu bottle, their virtual pet grows and unlocks new worlds and adventures at the “Gululu Universe.” Gululu also has an automatic software and content update system that continuously rolls out new features to keep children engaged.

Here’s why we love the Gululu Interactive Smart Water Bottle:

  • The virtual Tamagotchi-like pet lives in a Gululu World on Planet Ima, that regularly updates with new characters, skills, tricks and continuous education and exploration.
  • I can track her daily water-drinking progress through a smartphone app.
  • It has a “Do Not Disturb” and “Bedtime” modes.
  • They Learn-Through-Play, embark on a journey of health, rewards, and adventures within the “Gululu universe”.
  • Durable, safe, and waterproof with a modular design and easy-to-clean spout that makes maintenance simple and it’s BPA-free.
  • Every couple of weeks, Gululu introduces additional features to keep your kids excited for the next thing.
  • Children can redeem accessories for their pets with the virtual coins collected along their journey of discovering the Gululu Universe.
  • There’s always somethign new! A fourth virtual pet, (Donny), was released at the end of March. More characters are expected to be added soon to expand the population of the “Gululu universe.”

When your child stays hydrated it enhances their mood, sleep, cognition, and concentration.

The Gululu is perfect for children ages 3+. They want to help children all over the world stay healthy and hydrated! For every Gululu bottle purchased a child in a developing country will be provided with clean drinking water!

The is really the perfect kids water bottles for school!


Gululu has been featured in leading global media publications in over 20 countries. Among them are TechCrunch, Yahoo, Vogue, and Forbes that declared Gululu as a “Top 5 best kids’ gadgets.”

Help keep your kids healthy and hydrated with a Gululu Interactive Water Bottle. It makes it fun to be healthy!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.