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Ten Quick Breakfast Ideas That Aren’t Cereal

Cereal is one of my favorite foods, but I don’t like to eat it for breakfast because I feel like it lacks the protein my body needs in the morning.

The same can be true for our children. They need more than sugar and carbs for breakfast to avoid the mid-morning crash. I think many of us choose cereal because it is quick, convenient, or routine, not because we actually want it.

Some of my favorite recipes are my fluffy pancake recipe. Or have you ever had a chaffel? It’s a healthy egg waffle that you can customize with your favorite ingredients.  I also love to make these bagel bites that you can make in the air fryer. Plus no yeast is needed!

Take a look at my ten quick breakfast ideas that will help you kick cereal off the menu for a few days.

Ten Quick Cereal-Free Breakfast Ideas




In the time it takes you to pour a glass of milk and grab a plate from your cabinet you can have a beautifully cooked egg, or two. All you need is a small non-stick pan, a light spray of oil, and two eggs! If your eggs are fresh, you won’t even need to add any sides.

However, if you don’t think two lonely eggs will satisfy your hunger until the afternoon, prepare two slices of whole-grain toast and a side of applesauce! It’s a light breakfast, packed with protein and fiber, and it will leave you feeling excited and ready to face your day!




Because there are a million ways to serve oatmeal, it is the perfect breakfast for large families. Prepare a basic pot of oats and let everyone choose their mix-ins.

Keep peanut butter, brown sugar, fruit, honey, and jams readily available for everyone to choose from.

(Tip: We really love peanut butter oatmeal with a handful of peanut butter baking chips on top.)




Waffles are awesome! I like to prepare a double batch of waffles so we can enjoy them again the next day. They may even be better the second day because the toaster adds a little extra crunch!

And hey, they even make a great freezer meal for those afternoons when you find yourself with nothing to do.


This one may be cheating, just slightly. Granola can be eaten by the handful, along with milk (yes, yes, like cereal), or with a helping of yogurt. There is no wrong way to eat it. —

Have you seen a smoothie bowl with granola yet? They are so pretty (can find them all over Pinterest) and take minutes to make.

Breakfast Burritos

Flour tortillas are on sale every other week at my favorite grocer. That means they have become a staple in my home. We find ways to eat them for almost any meal, especially breakfast!

One big pan of scrambled eggs with cheese and a jar of salsa is all you need.

BONUS: If you have leftover chicken breast from the night before, cut it into thin slices for an added serving of protein!



French Toast

Do you have bread and an egg? Sure, there are a ton of complicated and heavy ingredient recipes out there for french toast but you really just need an egg and a few slices of bread.

If you have milk, use it. If you don’t, water works to thin the egg a little too.

It’s simple, quick, and can be made so many different ways I don’t think anyone could possibly get bored with it.

Grits Breakfast Bowls

Sure, you’ve heard of smoothie bowls, rice bowls, and bowls of all sorts of goodness, but I have one better: grits breakfast bowls!

Grits can be made in less than five minutes and all you need to make grits great is toppings! My favorite add-ons are eggs, sausage, cheese, and sautéed onions. It’s like someone poured all of the greatness of an omelet into a bowl of grits.

It’s perfection, trust me!



Overnight Refrigerator Oats OR Chia Pudding

If you don’t have time for a hot breakfast in the morning, that’s okay! I have you covered!

Before you go to bed tonight, grab a cup and pour in oats or chia seeds. Add milk and your favorite flavorings (brown sugar, raisins, nuts, fruit — endless possibilities). Cover it and toss it into the fridge!

The next morning you will have a creamy, dreamy, breakfast that feels almost effortless! (Oats to Milk Ratio: One part oats, two parts milk!)

Protein Shake

Sometimes a protein shake is really all you need, or have time for, in the morning. I like to snack on a handful of seeds or nuts along with my shake too.

The seeds/nuts help to trick my body into thinking that I have “eaten” something substantial while the protein shake really does most of the heavy lifting.

Monday morning is a great day of the week to make a protein shake your go-to breakfast!



No matter if you love a big breakfast every day, or if you just want a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit three mornings a week, preparing your meals in advance, freezing, and heating your breakfast up quickly each morning may be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

There’s no end to the meals you can prepare and freeze. Just choose your favorite breakfast, decide on the container/bag/packaging, and get to it!

TIP: Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to prepare your freezer meals for the week!

What is your favorite quick breakfast meal?

Tell me in the comments below.


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Denise Low

Saturday 1st of September 2018

T hank you for the great tips. We usually have the same things every morning.Making one of these would be a great change.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.