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Bring On The Candy Because Crest Has You Covered This Halloween + Tips

This is a sponsored post brought to you in a partnership with Citizen Relations. All opinions are my own. #CrestHalloween #CrestSmiles

In just a few days you will be getting your kids dressed up to trick or treat on Halloween night! Actually, you have probably already been to an event where they have passed out candy and you may even get to another Halloween activity before it’s actually Halloween!

That’s a lot of candy! Kids want candy – and it’s really ok if you let them have some! Check out this hilarious video of kids trying some healthy Halloween candy alternatives! I think we all know that real candy is better!

Crest proves this point by bringing a group of school-aged children together for a focus group where they are asked to test out some new healthy alternatives for the season. Take a minute to watch!

It’s ok to let your kids enjoy some candy this year because Crest and Kroger want to make sure you and your family won’t enter November with a mouthful of cavities!

Along with all that Halloween candy, Kroger will have a variety of Crest toothpaste products on sale for just $2.99. Also, grab a Sunday (10/28) paper because there will be a $1-off coupon in the coupon insert. You can take advantage of this deal on Crest Toothpaste varieties through 11/10. So, bring on the candy because Crest has you covered this Halloween.

Look for these Crest Toothpastes at Kroger:

  • Crest Paste Pro Health Advanced
  • Crest Paste 3D White
  • Crest Paste Pro Health
  • Crest Paste Complete

Crest Candy Confessions

Crest did a survey and here are some of the answers parents had about Halloween candy.

I know I do this….86% of parents eat candy that was given to their child while trick-or-treating. I think I burned enough calories walking through the neighborhood that I deserve to pick out a few of my favorite treats!

I made the mistake of buying candy a few weeks ago when it was on sale at Kroger and it’s gone! So I am with the 73% of parents that said they purposefully buy more Halloween candy than they needed for trick-or-treaters so they can eat the extra.

I am definitely a parent that makes sure my kids do a better job of brushing their teeth in the days following Halloween. Forty-eight percent of adults enforce a stricter teeth brushing/flossing routine on Halloween for themselves. However, 70% of parents enforce stricter teeth brushing/routines on Halloween for their children.

What to do with all that candy….

If your kids get more candy than you need in your house look for ways to trade out the candy. We have a local dentist that will give the kids a $5 gift card for a sandwich bag full of candy. They send these candies to troops that are serving overseas.

Use it in a recipe and bring it to your child’s school or bring it to work. Some of those teachers and co-workers don’t have kids with mounds of candy so they will be happy that you shared the loot!

Make a deal with your child. Tell them to pick out a number of their favorite pieces of candy and then offer them a trade. You could give them a gift card to their favorite store, let them pick something fun to do like a trip to the movies, mini golf, etc and spend a few hours together.

In the comments share more ideas about what to do with all that candy!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.