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Box Tops for Education Program is Going Digital – What Do You Think

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There are some big changes coming to Box Tops for Education Program. It is going digital! 


You may have noticed that your favorite products no longer have Box Tops to rip off! The Box Tops for Education program is going digital with a new mobile app. You will now have to scan your store receipt and earn money for your kid’s school!



To earn Box Tops scan your receipt with the new Box Tops app and earn 10¢ per participating product.



After the receipt is scanned, the money will automatically be added to your favorite school’s account. Your receipts must be scanned within 14 days of purchase but you can scan 50 receipts per day, per registered account.


How to scan your Box Tops For Education:

  • Download the free Box Tops App (iTunes or Google Play)
  • Create a username and connect it to your kid’s school
  • Scan your grocery store receipt
  • Items with the new Box Tops label will be automatically credited to your school


The mobile app will also allow you to track your contributions as well as your school’s running total. Twice a year, your school will receive a check and can use that cash to buy whatever it needs!


What I think..

If you are a parent that is already scanning receipts to get cashback on apps, this is going to make it much easier. I do that but sometimes I may forget I have products with BoxTops on my receipt and may not scan it. My kids like to search the pantry when there is a competition at school for BoxTops but now they can’t. 

I hope it doesn’t have a negative impact because I love how much this helps our schools. Maybe once everyone gets used to the changes it will be better for our schools. 

So what do you think about this change??

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Thursday 13th of February 2020

I don’t like this. I will never remember to scan the receipt and I have friends who save them and some are older and don’t have iPhones. I always remembered to rear them off when I see the box.


Thursday 13th of February 2020

It will definitely be an adjustment! I scan my receipts for cashback apps - so it makes it a little easier for me to also scan it for the Boxtops app.

Joe Pendleton

Friday 3rd of January 2020

I must be doing something incorrectly as I have a very long grocery receipt and the only way to scan the 5 boxes of Cheerios I bought and get the date to show is to fold this receipt many times. When scanning, I keep getting the message that the date is missing but it is clearly in my lens when scanning. I have spent over 30 minutes trying to get this fifty cents to my school. Why don't your company design something that actually works instead of making an impossible program.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.