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Protect Your iPad With A Rug-Ed ProLOCK Case

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Our kids have easy access to electronics all the time. They are not cheap and they are easily breakable. But they really are an asset.  

I love that my kids can use them for homework. They can pull up an app and work on math or spelling problems. 

It keeps them connected to our family that is far away! We live in Kentucky and most of our family is in Florida. My daughter loves being to play online games with her cousins and FaceTime with her Grandma. 

There are really so many great reasons for children to spend time on electronics. But the biggest fear that I have is protecting our investment. If our iPad breaks, I don’t think that we would get a replacement for a while.   

Finding a case that protects your device and allows it to still function properly is the best way to extend the life of your devices. 

For the holidays you may be considering a new iPad for your child – so I want to recommend that you also purchase a Rug-Ed ProLOCK Case. It’s simple to add to your iPad for maximum protection! 

ProLOCK Case Features

  • It has a tamper-proof lock that prevents unwanted removal and ensures 24/7 protection
  • The carrying handle makes it easy to transport, use at presentation, and collaboration
  • It has a thin profile and very lightweight
  • Corner bumpers for maximum drop protection
  • The detachable stand offers two viewing angles

Our iPad is protected with a ProLock Case and I know when my daughter is walking around the house talking to someone on FaceTime, outside reading an eBook in her trampoline, learning something new on an app on a long car ride, it’s protected. I don’t cringe when I hear the iPad hit the floor. 

The Rug-Ed ProLOCK case also includes a tempered glass screen protector and a removable stand. 

ProLOCK Compatible Devices

  • 9.7: iPad Air Air 2 / Pro
  • 9.7 / iPad 9.7 (2017) / 5th Gen (2017) / 6th Gen (2018)
  • ProLOCK Mini: iPad Mini 4

This case is useful for everyone.

Think about the coach that is managing his team from the sidelines – the ProLOCK case can help him use an iPad to share plays or videos with the kids on his team. 

iPads are in schools and this is a great way to protect these devices while still allowing the kids to learn. 

A construction worker could bring this onsite to show plans for a new project. 

A realtor could let their clients surf the web while brining them to look at new houses and not worry about their iPad getting dropped. 

The Rug-Ed ProLOCK Case is just $29.99 and is worth the investment for a piece of technology that you use daily. 

Click here to see what Rug-Ed has available to protect your devices! 


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Sandra Watts

Monday 14th of October 2019

That is a great idea for the kids. Looks really durable too.

Kelly Kimmell

Sunday 13th of October 2019

Looks like a sturdy case. I like that it has a handle too, lots of good features.

Sandy Klocinski

Saturday 12th of October 2019

Thanks for sharing info about this awesome case!

Deborah D

Saturday 12th of October 2019

Thanks for letting us know about this great case. I am checking to see if my iPad will fit this cover.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.