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Decorate Your Trampoline For Halloween

This information is brought to you by Zupapa Trampoline. All opinions are my own.        

We love our Zupapa Trampoline. We have had it for over a year and it is still in perfect condition. My kids jump on it several times a week and it’s a fun place for all the neighborhood kids to hang out! 

I love it because it gets my kids to play outside and have fun together. Especially since they are too old for a playset but they still want to spend time playing outside. They especially love to use the trampoline for chalk art. 


We had this fun idea to decorate our trampoline for Halloween. And it’s super easy and cheap if you live near a Dollar Tree. We spent less than $15 and we have a spooky and fun place for them to hang out and scare their friends for Halloween! 

How to decorate your trampoline for Halloween: 


Head to your favorite store for decorations. We went to Dollar Tree. We bought spiders, cloths to hang over the trampoline net, a scary bat, witch legs, spooky eyes and more! Use your imagination!

One thing you need to buy is binder clips. These are perfect for clipping things to the top of the net. Plus they are not very heavy. 

The zipper opening makes the perfect mouth – so we added our scary eyes on this section of our trampoline. We also used some of the cloth we bought to make it look like scary hair. We used the binder clips to hold it onto the net so it didn’t blow off. 

On the other side, we hung the witch legs from the bottom of the trampoline and another scary cloth with a large spider climbing up it. 


We also had a skeleton bat that could hang upside down on the net. And we finished it off with 2 ghosts that could hang from the poles on the safety net. And some Halloween garland.


We also found a string of battery operated lights that were purple and we loved how much they lit up the inside of the trampoline so we could hang out in there and have some fun at night. 

Finish it off with some mums and pumpkins!

If you are looking for a unique way to get ready for Halloween – take some time to decorate your trampoline. 

Don’t have a trampoline? Zupapa makes trampolines that will make your kids want to play outside. They are durable and affordable. Check them out – it may be the perfect Christmas present! 


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Dana Rodriguez

Tuesday 19th of November 2019

This is a really cute and creative idea. We don't own one but that is really cute!

Sarah L

Monday 14th of October 2019

That's a fun idea for people who have trampolines.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.