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How to Learn New Skills and Dominate the Digital World  

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Jobs in the digital era work differently. Innovation and technology are changing what is required in the labor market. There are new, rewarding, and productive forms of work that have been created as a result of this digital transformation.

To get the full benefit of digitalization in the workplace, workers have to learn new technologies and become agile enough with them to be able to offer their services to prospective employers. 

The transition is not always easy or quick. When a person transitions from their current employment to a new job in a digital field or leaves a company to become a freelancer, they may find themselves with less income for a period of time. Budget adjustments will have to be made so you don’t fall into debt.

If you are faced with something unexpected during this time and do not have the liquid assets to cover an emergency expense, an online credit line is one option to help you through the crisis. If you are ready to make a career change, the best preparation is to slim down your budget while you are still gainfully employed and start aggressively saving for the transitive period. 

To be clear, the types of jobs that are created in the digital era are not the same as those that are disappearing. Without proper preparation and training, workers who are affected by job destruction are not automatically those who benefit from expanding businesses in the digital field.  

As the labor market transforms itself, it is imperative that people transition from a market that is in decline to one that offers expanding opportunities. There are a number of steps that individuals can take to prepare themselves for the changes that are being seen in the market.

Google Developers Certification and Associate Android Developer  

Google Developers Certification allows a person to demonstrate that they are proficient and that they have skills in a particular area. Once a person has passed a certification exam, they can promote themselves to employers with tangible proof of their skill. 

Google certification exams are backed by a ton of training content. There are free and paid online curriculums. A person can opt for an instructor-led training, or they can use self-study materials. Once a person has passed the certification exam, they will feature in the official certification directory. 

An Associate Android Developer Exam proves that a person has the entry-level skill set that an android developer should have when they start working. Receiving an Associate Android Developer Certification opens up a world of job opportunities in the digital field.

Again, the internet is full of free and paid instructional materials designed to help a person learn all they need to learn to qualify for this certification.

Preparing for a Career in Digital Arts

When a person has a background in art, they are usually able to transition their skill to whatever medium is put in front of them. A digital artist will use their computer as their primary tool. The art that they create can be used on a website, video games, or for print. There are employment opportunities available for graphic designers, illustrators, game designers, animators, and more. 

In the same way that an artist who creates in the physical world needs to familiarize themselves with the different mediums, they will work with, a digital artist needs to become familiar with the digital tools at their disposal. There are several renowned digital art tools that are used in the industry. The software and applications used in digital art constantly evolve. A digital artist needs to be flexible and ready to learn new programs. 

A general art education is good, but it is not always required. Gone are the days of steadfast traditional channels that an artist would go through to pay their dues. Now, there are a number of jobs available for freelance digital artists, making the gig economy one of the growing ways that digital artists are finding their footing.

Exploring a Career as a Copywriter

Traditionally, a career as a carburetor began with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. However, in the digital era, and thanks to the gig economy, there are many successful copywriters who have had little to no formal education. Others started in journalism or as a creative writer.

One component that is important when searching for a job is for a copywriter to have a portfolio. Whether it’s physical or digital, a portfolio represents the products or projects that they have done in the past. 

Traditional copywriters work in an office environment, or they may work remotely from home. Their focus is on their writing and not gathering clients. Freelance copywriters, on the other hand, have to write, sell accounts, and collect payments. Traditional copywriters have a steady flow of work provided by their employer. Freelance writers may have ebbs and flows in the availability of work. 

As the economy transitions from a manufacturing economy to a digital one, there are a lot of people who feel they are being left behind. Thankfully, there are positive steps that one can take to take advantage of the diffusion of technology and find a way to make a living for themselves and their families in the digital era.

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Dana Rodriguez

Thursday 21st of November 2019

This is such a great post full of helpful tips. I really need to brush up on my own skills.

Sherry Proch

Tuesday 19th of November 2019

I remember when the hospitals started using online charting and it was necessary to learn the OS. This post sure gave great information and points to where I can go for updating my knowledge, thank you!!

Linda Manns Linneman

Monday 18th of November 2019

I really need some help in this area. My real problem is I need to discipline myself to start. These are some great tips I can use. Thank you so much for sharing this

Michelle S

Wednesday 13th of November 2019

I think it's wise to learn all you can regarding the digital world. Skills need to be developed throughout your career.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.