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Oral-B 8000 Black Electric Toothbrush Cyber Monday Deal

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This information is brought to you in a partnership with Citizen Relations. All opinions are my own.      

This year we have told our kids that we are only doing 4 gifts:

  • something they want
  • something they read
  • something they wear
  • something they need


The “want gift” is easy – my boys want a new computer. The “read gift” is easy too because my kids love to read. They are always reading through books and asking for more. 

My daughter is happy about “the something to wear” gift. She has discovered her style and doesn’t want me to buy all her clothes. 

As a family, “the something we need” is something we can use every day  – multiple times a day. And it’s setting us up for good oral health.

As someone that has worked in a dental office and alongside a dentist, I know it’s important to model good oral habits for my kids.

The reason I love the Oral-B 8000 Black electric toothbrush is because it has so many useful features. The technology it has is beneficial.  It connects to the Oral-B app on my phone via Bluetooth to help me brush my teeth properly. 



It is so cool; it comes with a suction cup phone holder so you can put it on your mirror and it will monitor how well you are brushing your teeth and let you know the areas you are missing.


It will also help you protect your gums with its visible pressure sensor that tells you when you are brushing too hard. 

I can personalize the cleaning modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Sensitive, Whitening, Pro-Clean, and Tongue Cleaning. 

It even comes with a cool travel case, so you never have to be without your toothbrush! 



Originally, the Oral-B GENIUS Pro 8000 is $249.99 for, but today only for Cyber Monday (12/2), you can get it on Walmart.com for just $89.94! At this price, it’s a great investment for the oral health of my family.

Get the deal here—-> http://spr.ly/SYDineroxCMWalmart

With this new electric toothbrush. I think we will love the interaction and feedback we receive from the Oral-B app, and it will put us on track to maintain a healthy mouth. 



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.