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Oral-B iO8 Cyber Monday Deal

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This information is brought to you in a partnership with Oral-B. All opinions are my own. #ONLYiO

I think Cyber Monday is my favorite shopping day of the year! I never finish my Christmas shopping on Black Friday, so Cyber Monday is another huge sale day.

Shopping online is my preferred method of shopping. I can find some pretty incredible deals, and I never have to leave my house!

This Christmas – my list is long! We moved back home so Christmas is a huge event and everyone loves to open gifts. This year many people on my list will be getting a gift they will use every day!




Today only (November 29) you can get the Oral-B iO8 electric toothbrush for just $175 (regularly $250). This is the best electric toothbrush.

My husband has been using it for a few months and his mouth has a Professional Clean Feel every day! Since I worked as a dental assistant, I am happy to know that it’s helping him brush with the right amount of pressure for the right amount of time every time he brushes his teeth. It even provides positive feedback when users are brushing with just the right amount of pressure.

And on the rare nights I go to sleep before he does, it’s so quiet it doesn’t wake me up so he can use it anytime!



This toothbrush makes your mouth feel so fresh and clean, and with the app – you are cleaning all areas of your mouth. It gives you guidance and tips, gives you a personalized brushing experience, and helps track and optimize your results.

Oral-B iO provided a deeper cleaning of teeth and gums in clinical tests, allowing users to easily and effectively maintain oral health like never before.

More reasons to get the Oral-B iO8 ~ Only iO gives you the wow of a professional clean feel!

You can select your preferred brushing mode ~ The Bimodal Smart Pressure Sensor provides positive brushing feedback, identifying and guiding users to brush in the optimal pressure range.

Artificial Intelligence Tracking with the Oral-B iO App provides real-time individual tracking and feedback. It’s simple to use and uses AI recognition and 3D teeth tracking to ensure a professional clean feeling.



It looks fancy and charges fast! The Oral-B iO comes with a sleek magnetic charger to provide a fast, full charge in just ~3 hours and the display provides an easy-to-read battery indicator.

And check out that color! I love the purple toothbrush!

Add the most awarded toothbrush of 2020 and the #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide to your Christmas gift list. Buy one for yourself too! This is a huge deal!




Click Here to get the Oral-B iO8 for $175 during Cyber Monday only at Amazon (reg. $250)








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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.