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Generation to Generation – Share Your Faith With Your Kids & Grandkids!

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One of the reasons we wanted to move back to Florida was because my grandma was 94 years old! We loved spending time with her. She would tell us stories about her life, faith, and family members. 

We knew we didn’t have too much time with her so being close to her was very important. It’s not very often you get to have a grandparent around in your 40s. I loved that my kids had a great-grandma that had lived through wars, depressions, and more to give encouragement and love. 

We were blessed to spend Christmas with her last year. She had all her kids and most of her grandkids and great-grandkids around to share the holiday! 


A few days after Christmas she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away about 10 days later. She passed away in the very early morning on the same day we would welcome her first great, great-granddaughter into this world. 

My grandma had great faith! I know she spent many hours interceding in prayer for us. She shared stories about how God was present in her life and provided for her throughout her many years on earth. 

Passing your faith from generation to generation is so important. Our elders have so many stories of God’s faithfulness and we need to share those with our kids and grandkids. 



If you are looking for a resource to help you share your faith – check out Generation to Generation.

In Generation to Generation, Yael Eckstein shares the lessons of faith instilled in her by her parents that helped her to persevere following the sudden death of her father and gave her the hope and courage she needed to follow in his footsteps as President and CEO of The Fellowship.  




There is a Generations to Generations book, coloring book, and workbook as part of this resource. The workbook is FREE TO EVERYONE!   

It’s great for families, Sunday School, and more! The workbook is filled with Bible lessons, activities, and discussion questions for all ages.  

The free workbook is such an awesome resource for families. It has over 100 pages of bible verses, activities, questions, and prompts to do with your family! 


Discover how Christians can pass on these lessons of Faith to their children and grandchildren with this companion workbook.




The Holy Land Moments Coloring Book will help you relax and focus on the beauty and wonder of God’s Creation and His Word.

This coloring book pairs 12 timeless inspirational devotions with illustrations based on Biblical Scriptures. So pick up your crayons, markers, or colored pencils to create your own unique masterpiece — and also be encouraged spiritually!


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Peggy Nunn

Thursday 16th of December 2021

These are good books to share.

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