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Tips For Sending Your Kids To Summer Camp

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I have been to so many summer camps. It’s really the highlight of the summer. You get to spend a week away doing fun things, staying up late, eating some junk food, and spending hours hanging out with your friends!

I remember going to summer camp as young as 9 years old and I know it was one of those life-changing experiences you always remember. I have also been able to volunteer as a camp chaperone and see how fun it is for the kids. 



As a parent, now I get to prepare my kids for summer camp and hope they have as much fun as I did! It’s a little different now since they have access to cell phones so you can have contact with them – but it’s still something every kid needs to experience!

There is a lot of stuff you need to remember to get your kids ready for summer camp. First, don’t forget to sign them up!! I feel like these camps fill up earlier and earlier – so get registered! (Make sure it’s on your calendar!)

Next, get them excited about all the activities that are available for them. When they go to sleepaway camp they will need a lot more things – so get that list early and start preparing.

If it’s a local camp – there is less to pack but they will be at camp most of the day so make sure they have what they need.



No matter what summer camp looks like for your family – I have a very helpful tip that will help you keep track of all your kid’s items…you NEED Name Bubbles Name Labels!

Name Bubbles Name Labels are perfect for everything you bring to summer camp. They are very durable!  They are waterproof, sweatproof, and bug spray proof! 



Get some Name Bubbles to add to their clothes, flashlights, and water bottles. They can even add them to their notebooks, hats, and backpacks. 

You can personalize the name tag with many different colors, shapes, fonts, and icons. Your kids will be excited to use these customizable Name Bubbles on everything they own! (If you have extra – add them to their school supplies!) 

Have you ever seen the collection of items in the Lost & Found box? It’s usually overflowing and too overwhelming for camp staff to do the work to find the proper owners. But when you have a Name Bubble on them – they can easily be returned to your child. 

Get them now and have peace of mind knowing that everything you send with them has their name on it! 



I have a discount for you! Order them now so you get them ASAP and you can start preparing them for camp. Use code CAMP2022 to save 20% on all products. (This code is valid until August 31, 2022.)

It’s probably been a few years since your kids have been able to enjoy camp – but this year it should be an experience they won’t forget!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.