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Hash Brown Casserole Recipe

With Easter right around the corner this is my favorite side dish to go with ham. I love mashed potatoes but for some reason the flavor of ham goes so well with this casserole. Hash Brown Casserole 2 lbs frozen hash browns (defrosted) ½ cup melted butter 1 can cream of chicken soup 1-pint sour …

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Cream of Cilantro Soup

Need a green recipe for tomorrow? Try out this recipe. This is one of the few Mexican things I can make. I am not a big fan of cilantro but the flavor is not over powering. It is nice and creamy. I am not sure how available cilantro is in the states but if you …

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Random Tips

Here are some tips that may help you. They are nothing too creative but they have made my life a little easier. When my son is eating macaroni and cheese or soup I give him a plastic measuring spoon because it is deep and it holds the food in place so it doesn’t spill before …

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If you are signing up for a lot of freebies I would suggest you create an alternate email address for for free stuff registrations. You don’t want to be clogging up your personal email with all your email newsletters.

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