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To Double Glaze or Not to Double Glaze is the Question

Here’s another article that can answer questions about improving your home!

For many people, double glazing their homes is not something they consider important. Multiple studies have shown that having a double glazed house can have tremendous benefits, particularly when it’s done correctly –emphasis on the word “correct” because of those who attempt to do it themselves and end up with a botched job. However, considering that double glazing can be pricey, it does make sense that interested prospects would want to know why it is important. The following are some of the reasons why you should double glaze your windows.

Improves Insulation and Prevents Heat Escape
If your home is consistently drafty, cold or your heating furnace just seems to be doing an overall poor job of keeping the house warm, the chances are that your heat is escaping, and your home isn’t properly insulated. So, apart from looking for possible heat leakages and blocking them, double glazing your windows helps keep the heat inside the house, not outside. This is possible courtesy of the vacuum between the two layers of glass. With one glass, it is easy for the heat to escape when there’s contact with the windows –this is why windows are usually cold during the winter. But with double glazing and the vacuum in between both layers of glass, the glass layer inside the house stays warm, while the one outside can stay cold. The vacuum, however, serves as a buffer, keeping the cold and hot airs apart.

Great Option When Replacing Windows
If your windows are already old and rickety, or you’re thinking of doing some remodeling, you might as well do it the contemporary way.
Installing a double glazed window does not only improve your home’s energy efficiency, but it also makes your home look contemporary and in line with modern designs. It is interesting that many new home buyers are increasingly seeking double and triple glazed windows because it’s the in-thing. You might as well go with the modern day trend.

Lowers Heating Costs
Double glazing your home, particularly after you’ve secured all possible means of heat escape, can drastically increase your home’s energy efficiency. What does this mean for your energy bill? It means that you’ll get to pay less during those winter and summer months. This is because your HVAC units can work efficiently and with less power to produce the heat or coolness that you need. For instance, for homes with single glazed windows, their heating furnace would have to work extra hard to replace the lost heat courtesy of the single window and its direct contact with the weather outside. For the double glazed homes, however, this never happens at all.

Shuts Out the Noise from the Outside
This always an added perk. If you live close to the roads or in a busy area, you need a way to shut out the noise. Double glazed windows are the solution to keeping the “street” out of your home. With this installed it’s bye-bye external noises and welcome peace and quiet.

Increases Property Value
While this is not a direct benefit, the truth is that a home with double glazed windows are typically higher priced and have higher resale values than those without it. This makes sense considering that a house with little or no heat leakage is always great in the winter. Then, you also have to consider the aforementioned points. If you factor in the savings from lower heating costs, improved insulation, and a quieter house, you know that having a double glazed home is worth it.

Extra Hints:
Please remember that insulation isn’t just about the windows alone. If you double glaze your windows without insulating your loft or attic, weather stripping, and blocking all possible avenues that could cause heat leakage, you may not get as good a result as when all these other parts of the house are taken care of. If you are contemplating glazing your windows you should talk to an expert, such as the ones at Aerotech.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.