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How To ReDecorate Your Walls With EvgieNev Wall Decals + Giveaway!
How To ReDecorate Your Walls With EvgieNev Wall Decals + Giveaway!

Is it time to redecorate your walls? Paining a room is a lot of work. You have to remove the faceplates and get around the trim and the ceiling. I have found a better and easier way to change up a room. With Evgie wall decals you can easily change out the scene in a room and even customize your color scheme. EvgieNev Decals have charismatic charters, action designs that develops intellectual curiosity and emotional feelings. There are lots of live animals and natural surroundings. You will find scenes from  Africa, South America, Antarctica, etc.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to redecorate you walls with Wall Decals from EvgieNev:

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Money Saving Tips To Help With Moving

by Janell on August 15, 2017

Moving services are all we need when heading across the country or within states. There are several top moving service provider companies available, those offering reasonable and quality moving services to your new apartment or house. Usually, people hire moving companies to make driving less stressful and less hectic. However, people spend much money on moving to a new house or apartment, but here we brought money saving tips for you.

There are lots of ways available so that you can save money quickly. You can reduce moving costs by using these mentioned money saving tips. Some of the tips are straightforward, and some are less obvious, but you will surely save money with these tips. Read more…


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Disney Descendants 2 Dress Up Party

Disney Descendants 2 Dress Up Party

A few weeks ago our family watched Descendants 2 and loved it! My daughter even went to watch party and I know she wast to be Mal for Halloween this year. If you have kids that loved this movie as much as we did – you are going to want to get these awesome items from Descendants 2.

Make sure you also order the DVD that is available now!

The DVD also comes with this cool necklace!

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Check out this huge list of summer recipes, crafts, and awesome ideas that will help you finish off summer with a bang! Enjoy!

We are so excited to share some amazing summertime food, activities, crafts, and beauty tips. Summertime is for fun and fresh ideas.SoFab is sizzling with amazing ideas to make your summer even more enjoyable. I think you will love this round up of amazing summer time posts filled with ideas and yummy treats.


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If you are in the process of buying a home, you undoubtedly know about the different types of mortgage loans. You’ve researched the differences between government-insured and conventional loans; you understand whether you need a conforming or jumbo loan; and you already developed a preference between adjustable and fixed-rate loans. However, what you might not have considered yet is who you will get your home loan from.

Mortgage lenders can be even more diverse than the types of mortgage loans offered. Which lender you work with will depend on how complicated you are willing to make your home loan experience and how much you are hoping to save on your mortgage. This guide should ease you through the process of choosing a suitable mortgage lender, so you can acquire your dream home faster, easier, and cheaper. Read more…

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Essential Oils have become very popular over the last several years. They have many health benefits. I have seen people use them in diffusers and also apply them to their skin. But here’s a new and fashionable way that you can enjoy the benefits of essentials.

MOJO is the latest innovation, it’s a motivational bracelet that engages your senses by combining aromatherapy and color therapy, into a slap bracelet.

About MOMO:

MOJO uses a unique super absorbent microfiber material, that captures your essential oil, and diffuses it around you throughout the day. It has a waterproof neoprene layer, that avoids contact with your skin, preventing any irritation that some highly concentrated oils might cause.  A stainless steel band, that makes it gently wrap around your wrist. And a final soft microfiber layer for a comfortable wear.

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Win A $50 Target Gift Card Or #vivaNUTRITION Products - Healthy Kids are Happy Kids
 Over the past few months my kids have gone through MANY boxes of vivaNUTRITION chia bars. I have to admit that I love them too and I get very disappointed when I go to grab a bar to snack on and the box in empty!

We LOVE these super fiber chia bars from @viva_nutrition

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I want my kids to know that healthy foods are good for them and can also taste delicious. I have a few options for them to snack on in the pantry but they always go for the vivaNUTRITION bars. As a mom it makes me happy to know that they are making better choices when it comes to snacking and I can feel good about feeding them these fiber bars. Win A $50 Target Gift Card Or #vivaNUTRITION Products - Healthy Kids are Happy Kids
 What makes vivaNUTRITION Super Fiber Chia Bars the right snack bars for kids? Read more…


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I really love all the benefits of Amazon Prime – especially this time of year as I am doing Back to School and Christmas shopping but here’s another reason to have it! Starting September 28 you can get all Thursday Night Football Games for FREE!!! Yes – this is an awesome perk!

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My husband has been a college student forever so we make sure we take advantage of all the deals we can get. So this offer is one of our favorites because he is a Miami Dolphins fan and we live in Louisville, Kentucky, so he doesn’t get many Dolphins games!

If you are a college student and you live and out-of-market NFL games you can stream all the NFL games every Sunday on your computer, tablet, phone, console or other media streaming device, when you sign up for NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV U from DirecTV. The packages start at just $24.99 monthly for 4 months or a $99 payment.  This is an awesome deal as the regular price is $69.99 monthly.



Save 15% On HP Products #HPSavings

by Janell on August 3, 2017

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If you are looking to upgrade your work station check out these deals from HP! I know now that the kids are hiding back to school I need to redo my work station and get more organized so I can be more efficient!

Visit and use code bizEstreet to save 15% off your order and you will get FREE shipping. (Some restrictions apply.)

You could get a new portable laptop for under $400 with this HP mt20 Mobile Thin Client.

  • Feature rich.
  • Value-minded.
  • Take care of business on the fly with the HP mt20 Mobile Thin Client. Packaged in a thin, light notebook PC, the HP mt20 offers flexible connectivity, and HP’s first Linux®-based OS on a mobile thin client.

Or if you are more productive on a desktop this HP Z1 G3 All-in-One has get speeds that will help you work better!

Modernized for your 21st century workspace. Built for the modern office, this generation HP Z1 is 47% smaller and 51% lighter and features a 23.6” diagonal anti-glare UHD 4K display for the ultimate in visual clarity: ideal for smaller spaces, frequent moves, and a streamlined work experience.

Offer Valid through 9/30/17