Strawberry Nachos

by Janell on May 25, 2017

I love strawberries. When we lived in Florida we had a huge strawberry festival. It was part of the Florida State Fair. You could enjoy the most amazing Strawberry Shortcakes!

Now that we live in Kentucky, strawberry season is a little later. So last week we went to a local farm and picked 11 pounds of strawberries. (Yes, I did share with my neighbor.) I love strawberry shortcake so we ate that a few times. But then I remembered when we lived in Mexico we had a friend that would make a marshmallow fluff fruit dip. I thought it would be such a fun way to enjoy all these strawberries! Read more…


Enter to WIN a $150 gift card to EvgieNev!

It’s time for another EvgieNev giveaway! Summertime is the perfect time to spruce up the walls in your home. But why do it the hard way when you can order some beautiful AND removable wall decals!? I love how easy these are to apply, and how easy they are to remove when you are ready for a new look. Your kids will love them. But they also have elegant decals for the rest of you home as well.

EvgieNev can also do custom decals of pretty much whatever you can think of! They can adjust colors, sizes – if you can image it they can do it!


Let’s check out some of the new decals they are offering right now: Read more…

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Save More Money With Groupon Coupons

by Janell on May 23, 2017

This information is brought to you by Groupon. All opinions are my own.

Save More Money With Groupon Coupons

I have been a fan of Groupon since they came out many years ago. Who doesn’t want a huge discount at a restaurant they already love or a half price gift card? But Groupon has more perks that you may not know about – they also offer coupons. Like actual coupons, you can print out and save when you shop in-store or coupon codes you can use when you shop online. It’s a really easy way to squeeze out a few more dollars on your purchase.

Here are a few of my favorite deals from Groupon Coupons that will save you money this summer!

We plan on doing some upgrades to out backyard this summer. We know we can find everything we need at Home Depot. Groupon Coupons has 50 coupons available to help you save money. Some of the ones we will use include a $5 printable coupon and they have a few sales alerts to save on the products we need. Read more…


Americano on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand on June 13!

Looking for a super cute movie to watch with the kids during summer family movie nights? I have the perfect DVD for you! Have you heard of Americano?

Cuco is a Mexican boy parrot that would rather imitate the crazy stunts of his TV parrot superhero, El Americano, than help with his chores at the family bird circus. Yet when a gang of bully birds threatens his ringmaster father and takes over the circus, Cuco sets off on a hilarious and perilous journey to Hollywood to enlist his hero in his fight, only to discover the true hero within himself. Read more…


Disney’s Bambi Signature Collection on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on May 23

*I received a copy for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

Who else loved Bambi as a kid? It’s just one of those classic Disney movies that everyone loves and sticks with you forever. I’m super excited that I get to share my love of classic Disney movies with my kids are they rerelease them. Can you believe that this this year is Bambi’s 75th anniversary!? It just proves that Disney movies stand the test of time right? Read more…


Disney’s Newsies: The Broadway Musical on Digital, On Demand and Disney Movies Anywhere on May 23rd!!

It’s time you guys! Newsies is finally out! Have you seen it yet!? My family and I were lucky enough to be sent a viewing party kit that was Newsies themed. My kids LOVED watching it. They even got up to dance along. Her is a little blurb about the movie in case you don’t know what it’s about:

Set in New York City at the turn of the century and based on a true story, Disney’s Newsies is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy, and leader of a ragged band of teenaged “newsies,” who dreams only of a better life far from the hardship of the streets. Captured live on stage at The Hollywood Pantages Theatre in California, and following its record-breaking, in-cinema premiere for Fathom Events this not-to-be-missed high energy event features Jeremy Jordan, reprising the Tony nominated role he created as “Jack Kelly.” Jordan is joined by original Broadway cast members Kara Lindsay as “Katherine,” Ben Fankhauser as “Davey” and Andrew Keenan-Bolger as “Crutchie,” and North American Tour stars Steve Blanchard as “Joseph Pulitzer,” Aisha de Haas as “Medda Larkin,” and Ethan Steiner as “Les” along with members of both the Broadway and North American Tour ensembles, filling the stage with more “newsies” and more dancing than ever before. Bring it home on Digital, On Demand and Disney Movies Anywhere on May 23rd. (Here’s where you can purchase it on amazon!) Read more…


This post was developed in partnership with Similac. All opinions are my own.

Your Toddler Will Love Go & Grow by Similac Pouches & Toddler Drinks #Go&GrowatWalmart

Fill In The Nutrition Gap With Go & Grow by Similac Pouches!

When you have a baby, it’s the most joy anyone could ever feel in their life. You’ve created this little perfect version of you and your significant other. Nothing could be better right? Well, with that joy also comes a little worry. The kind of “I’m responsible for another person” kind of worry. Making sure they’re always happy and healthy, and more importantly that they have a happy belly.

When I became a mom for the first time, making sure my son was well fed was my number one priority. He was really good at letting me know when he was ready for another bottle, but when he turned one, that became another ball game for us. There were all these new tastes he was experiencing, and he loved it. He became picky and didn’t always get the nutrients he needed. I needed to find foods that my kids loved that also helped them meet their nutritional needs.

Read more…


Making The Most Of Your Garden This Spring

by Janell on May 22, 2017

Making The Most Of Your Garden This Spring

If you are looking to get started on your garden, then the beginning of spring is going to be the best time to get ahead of the chasing pack. Spring is indeed the time for gardens, and you don’t want to be left in the middle of the hassle. It doesn’t matter if you are looking toward growing a set of fruits or jut sprucing the garden for some fun spring times- the garden always has to be ready.

Let’s get started:

Plant some perennials

Spring blooming perennials lots of color to your garden. They also breathe some fresh life into the scheme of things. Plant what you have in garden beds but make sure whatever you transfer to the bed has already started to bud. Bleeding heart and foxglove are some of the best choices out there as they create a great romantic feel for your garden. Read more…


Coleman Cooler Freebie (After Cash Back)

by Janell on May 19, 2017

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

I have an awesome freebie to share with you! Until tomorrow (5/21) you can buy a Coleman Cooler at Walmart for just $10.09 and then you will get $10.50 cash back! Im sure you will find many times this summer to use a new cooler! Make sure you pick in-store pick up to make this a freebie!

Please note only NEW TopCashback members are eligible for this promotion; existing members are welcome to introduce friends and family to TopCashback and ask them to order and share the freebie. 

Here is how to get this deal: Read more…


I received a Shark Rocket Complete with Duo Clean Technology for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

      4 Reasons You NEED A Shark Rocket Complete with Duo Clean Technology

I may be weird but I LOVE to vacuum. When I vacuum, I feel like I am really cleaning. I can see the pieces of paper being removed from the carpet. I can dump out the cup and see all the dust that was sucked from the carpet or my couch.

Maybe you don’t really enjoy vacuuming or it’s a little difficult. If so, I have the perfect vacuum for you. I received a Shark Rocket Complete with Duo Clean Technology and I have been using it for a few weeks and it is amazing! Here are just a few reasons you need this vacuum in your life!

The Size:

4 Reasons You NEED A Shark Rocket Complete with Duo Clean Technology Read more…