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Forever Connected Photo Memory Book at 50%

This information is brought to you by Forever Connected Memory Books. All opinions are my own.

Forever Connected Photo Memory Book at 50%

We don’t live near our family. Sp the best way to connect with our family that lives far away is with photos. I have tried so many different ways to share my photos but they are either poor quality, too expensive, to just too difficult to use.

Do you ever feel that way about sharing your photos with friends and family? I love being a blogger because I usually get information about a product before most people and I have the opportunity to share it with you all. This is one of those products that I know you are going to love. It is going to make photo sharing much easier!

I am excited to tell you about a KickStarter for Forever Connected Memory Books– the only personalized, interactive photo memory book on your phone or tablet that allows you to celebrate memories with the people that matter the most to you in a whole new way!  Make sure memories from your next family event or get-together last forever– you take the photos and let Forever Connected build your memory book!

Forever Connected Photo Memory Book at 50%

About Forever Connected Memory Books:

You can personalize it– after the event, you can sign and send personal messages to each person right in the book! Just touch their photo to send and they’ll see a talk bubble next to your photo, and tap it to see your personal message! How easy is that!

You can decorate it– Send fun stickers to each other: Place a fun sticker anywhere in your book and even place them in others’ book (don’t worry, they can hide it if they like). I know my kids are going to love to help me with this! 

You can send a video– You can even send a short personal video message to any person in the book and it’ll be saved right in their book.

Unlike traditional social media and photo sharing platforms – where photos and posts can be seen by everyone – the photos and messages shared in Forever Connected memory books are personal, private and secure – they’re only seen by the person you send it to! You decide who gets a copy of your book. This is a great option. 

Because your memory book is always accessible on your mobile device, you can stay connected to those special moments, anytime, anywhere– without worrying about it getting lost, faded or destroyed!

It’s such a great deal! Each mobile memory book is an in-app purchase of only $4.99 to send or receive messages, stickers and video. You can have UNLIMITED FREE COPIES available to people you choose who just want to view the photos. When you compare that to $40-50 per copy for a traditional printed photo book, this is much more affordable. And photos look beautiful on the smallest phones and the largest tablets or projected onto your TV.

You can be among the first to get a Forever Connected Photo Memory Book at 50% off when you join the KickStarter campaign!  

Bring your photos to life on your smartphone or tablet as private photo books with personal messages, stickers and video from everyone in the book!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.