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I Made Rachael Ray Recipes For A Week And This Is What I Learned

I Made Rachael Ray Recipes For A Week And This Is What I Learned

Have you every been in a food rut? Like every week you have burgers, pizza, spaghetti, and other simple recipes that have no flavor. I was making my grocery list last week and my daughter brought me the new Rachael Ray Magazine. I stared to go through and get some ideas.

As I went through the pages I thought that I couldn’t make these recipes – I even had to Google some of the ingredients. I put down the magazine and kept writing at my list. Then I thought to myself – I can make these recipes and maybe it is exactly what I need to try new foods and add some variety to my life.

Sometimes I can be kind of picky – but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try new foods. Let me tell you…I am so glad I did!


Here are things I learned making Rachael Ray Recipes:

New Flavors Are A Good Thing!

Confession time…I had to Google garam marsala and what part of a leek to use in the recipes. Below I will list all the recipes I tried but just because a recipe has something you have never had before or actually used yourself in a recipe doesn’t mean you should avoid it. Some of these ingredients I used actually gave our foods some amazing flavors!

Don’t make food decisions for your kids!

So many times I make up my meal plan based on what I think the kids may or may not like. In my head the list is very short. Yes, kids are picky but I think we need to make them try new things and expose them to new flavors so they can enjoy more things in life.

I always ask my kids to take at least 1 bite to decide of they like something. They tried a lot of new foods this week and they liked all of them! You may be surprised but I think that kids do like to try new foods too!

They don’t take longer to make than the meals I usually make. 

Most of these new meals were pretty fast to make. I am sure they will be even faster next time I want to make them.

I felt like I ordered meals from a restaurant – but I actually made them! 

I love to go out to eat and try things that I don’t know how to make but that can get expensive and I really hate when my kids order mac & cheese from the kids menu and I realized I paid $5 for a small plate of what would have cost me .50 cents to make. So we don’t go out that much. But now I know I can make these fancy, delicious tasting meals in my own kitchen!

The only (sorta) downside…

When I went shopping I only bought the items I needed to make the 10 items. I didn’t have many of the items in my house that were needed for the recipes. My total was $95. That came to about $20 per meal for a family of 5. It felt a little expensive to me but we often had leftovers so we got 2 meals out of it for me and my husband. Plus, I never eat leftovers so the fact that I ate it again is a huge reason to make these meals again. When I make them again in the future, I will have some of the ingredients so it won’t be as expensive.

So in the end, I learned that you should try new thing! Get out of your comfort zone.

Here are the recipes I used that I can find online:


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Wednesday 6th of September 2017

This was an interesting way to try new recipes. I've read before that most families serve the same 7 - 1o recipes all the time. It is good to try new recipes.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.