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Get Maximum Protection & Convenience With Aura Locks Smart Locks

I love when smart products make my life easier! An Aura Locks Smart Lock is a must-have Smart Product for your home! 

  • Have you ever locked yourself out of your home?
  • Do you hate carrying keys in your pocket all day – or when you want to take a walk around your neighborhood?
  • Are you worried about potential break-ins or robbery?

I have left my home so many times and thought: “Did I lock the front door?” Aura Locks can detect when a door closes and will automatically lock after 3 seconds.


Smart home security systems like doorbells and locks have recently been found to be vulnerable to hackers and glitches. Adding a smart lock is an awesome addition to your home but are you are afraid of the security risk?

You are going to love Aura Locks! It is a hacker-proof and burglar-proof line of smart locks! They have launched a line of smart locks in an effort to eliminate the vulnerabilities of other security systems, giving users all the benefits of high-end smart security without the risks.

These locks use maximum security technology that is used by the governments and security firms. Its locks feature fingerprint recognition, advanced encryption, Bluetooth connectivity, and 1-year battery life.

And even though they are very high tech – they are simple to install! The locks can be installed at home in 5 minutes with just a screwdriver –  no need for a locksmith or technician. 

How does an Aura Locks Lock work? 

Aura Locks locks keep your home safe by keeping your lock offline. Other smart locks require an app or cloud access or offer online features that can make your home vulnerable to hackers.

Aura Locks operates via fingerprint recognition and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. And it encrypts all information that comes through your devices. In this way, you can enjoy smart access to your home and advanced security features without the risks of having the locks to your home on the internet.

They want to make sure they provided you a smart lock that protects you as well as government and top security firms protect themselves. The secret to tight security is better technology and less access.


What Kind Of Locks Are Available? 

Aura Locks four different lock styles: AURA, VETI, ACTIVA, and HERMES.

  • Aura Lock: Unlock your door automatically with either your fingerprint, inducted access token, via Bluetooth or through a passcode. 
  • Venti Lock: You can open the door any way you want. Unlock your door automatically with either your fingerprint, through a passcode, via Bluetooth,  or with a mechanical key.
  • Activa Lock: State-of-the-art capacitive fingerprint sensor allows for enhanced security. The advanced 3D fingerprint sensor only recognizes the original fingers scanned, making copied and lifted fingerprints useless. Stores up to 100 different fingerprints. 
  • Hermes Lock: This lock was designed to provide ease and convenience to your household. Unlock your door automatically via your Fingerprint or Bluetooth as you approach the door with your smartphone.

All of Aura Locks’s smart locks are impossible to break with physical force. They contain a long-lasting battery that charges to full in 30 minutes and lasts one year. That’s 5x more reliable than smart locks that rely on alkaline batteries.



With 100 programmable users and unique fingerprints per lock you have complete control of who can access your house. You can give access with a fingerprint, Bluetooth, or both . I love this because it will be much easier to give access to my family members and people that take care of my animals when we travel!

You can obtain a complete log of entries that can be viewed at any time.

Lockibly promises to make homes safer and security simpler with its new line of smart locks. Learn more and purchase a lock for your home at

Check out their press release for more information about Lockibly. 


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Friday 6th of August 2021

Hi - I am interested in purchasing Lockibly Smart Locks but the number on their site is disconnected and its does not appear they can be bought on-line. Do you have any idea where I can buy them or where their headquarters is located?


Saturday 7th of August 2021

Oh no that stinks!! Let me know if you can make a purchase at this link If not - let me know what product and I can see if I can contact the owner of the company.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.