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Creative Ways to Support Missionaries


We have been missionaries for almost 14 years. One of the hardest parts of getting to the mission field is raising the funds needed to live overseas. We have been blessed with churches and individuals that have supported us – but life happens and people lose their jobs and churches change direction – so your support can change at a moments notice.

One of the most amazing ways that has funded our ministry is with cows! Ranchers can easily support missionary through a wonderful organization called Steer. I bet ranchers didn’t realize that they can be such a huge help to missionaries all over the globe!

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Here’s how the Cow/Calf Program works:

  1. Steer gives the rancher money to buy a cow (or they will purchase one of the rancher’s cows).

  2. The cow lives on the farm and becomes pregnant with a calf.  The Rancher provides the land, food and labor.

  3. Once the calf is born the rancher sells the calf at market price and sends the money to Steer. You will not have to declare this as income or pay Social Security Tax on the STEER Project

  4. Steer takes a small fee and send the rest of the money to the mission organization of your choice.

  5. You repeat this cycle every year – so it’s a constant support for the missionary on the field.

Plus Steer also provides insurance and a depreciation fund incase the cow becomes sick or dies. This also covers any vet bills.

Our organization, Youth Ministry International, is one of the many mission organizations that is funded through Steer.  We train youth workers all over the world.


Check out this Facebook Status from Steer Inc: 

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STEER, Inc., is an organization that partners with ranchers and farmers to help them invest in the Great Commission through their everyday activities. It’s a great way to partner with missionaries and help support families and ministries. We like to call it the Great CowMission!

If you or someone you know are involved in ranching or farming, they could help support us to train youth workers around the world by taking a cow for us. It’s a risk-free investment for the rancher. If you’d like to know more, please contact us.

 STEER, Inc. is also involved in other types of agricultural projects including dairy, goats, sheep, and hogs.

Did you know that 90% of the world’s trained youth workers live and work in the USA, ministering to 3% of the world’s youth population.- and we want to change that! You can read more about their ministry at


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.