Dr Seuss Recipes
Dr Seuss Recipes

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. If you are looking for a few clever ways to celebrate Dr. Seuss stories, I have a great list of really fun Dr Seuss Recipes! ! We love Dr. Seuss stories in our house and I know my kids are really going to enjoy doing some of these fun food recipes together!

Dr Seuss Recipes

  1. Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat HATS ~Divine Lifestyle
  2. Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Marshmallow Treats ~The Country Chic Cottage
  3. Cat in the Hat Jello Snack ~Bless This Mess
  4. Lorax Marshmallow Pops ~Divine Lifestyle
  5. Dr. Seuss Lorax Jello ~The Homespun Hydrangea
  6. Cat in the Hat Layered Jello ~We Like to Learn As We Go
  7. Healthy Lorax Craft Snack ~Desert Chica
  8. Dr. Seuss Pancake Stacks ~The Country Chic Cottage
  9. Dr. Seuss Popsicles ~Family Fun Journal
  10. Cat in the Hat Cookies ~Cupcake Diaries
  11. Horton Hears Marshmallow Pops ~Divine Lifestyle
  12. Dr. Seuss Cookies ~A Turtle’s Life for Me
  13. Truffula Tree Marshmallow Pops ~Really, Are You Serious?

Which one is your favorite?

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