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Why A Trampoline Is Perfect For Summer Fun + Tips To Plan Your Summer Schedule

I was provided a trampoline at a discount from Zupapa. All opinions are my own. 

I admit it – my kids spend too much time on their devices. I work from home, so it’s hard to monitor their screen time when I need to work. They don’t spend all day online – they also eat, sleep, read, do chores, and play outside. But they are awake for 12-14 hours per day!

As the school year was ending, we sat down with our kids to talk about screen time. They know that it’s not good to spend hours online. So we talked about the things we could do to help them occupy their time during the summer. Here are some of the things we came up with.

Create a schedule: Write out a list of all the activities you have planned for the summer.

  • We have a membership to a water park – so we said we will go there once a week. We are allowed to bring a guest with us so each time a kid can pick a friend to go.
  • Vacation Bible School – add this to your calendar because it will take up a few hours each morning or the afternoon.
  • Pick a summer sport – my son is playing indoor soccer, and my daughter has gymnastics once a week.
  • Check out the activities at the library – our library is amazing. It has so many free events each week for my younger kids and my teen.
  • Add your summer vacation to the calendar. It gives everyone something to look forward to!
  • Movie Schedule – many theaters have free or $1 movies. There are also a ton of good family movies that will come out this summer. Our theater has $5 Tuesday tickets, so we make plans to see the new releases on Tuesdays.
  • Spray Parks – if you don’t have access to a pool and you want to cool down, find a spray park. Bring a picnic lunch and play on the playground to spend a few hours together!

Our calendar is pretty full but there are days that I need to work, and I can’t leave the house. My kids are too old for a play set so we talked about other ways they could spend time outside playing with their friends and they gave me all the great reasons to get a trampoline.

A trampoline gets them outdoors – Since they are too big for a play set – this was a great way to get them to play outside together. They laugh and scream together while having a ton of fun!

They exercise – it is hard to get kids motivated to exercise. So it’s important to give kids a fun way to play while also exercising. They are working up a sweat, building muscles and burning calories all while having tons of fun!!

They socialize with the neighbors – all the kids want to play when they see other kids having fun on the trampoline. It helps get the other kids outside playing and making new friends!

It’s a fun place to hang out and read, have a picnic, etc. – I encourage my kids to read a lot over the summer. They really do love to read. I always found they would read longer when they had a special place to read. They get out the pillows and spend lots of time reading. They also like to snack on the trampoline and sometimes we even have a picnic lunch outside. (Side note – put some healthy foods on a stick, and they will gobble up all those goodies!)

These reasons were great – so I started doing some research and came across Zupapa Trampolines for our family. We have had ours for about a week, and my kids love it! My 2 younger kids fight the most, but they have been having the most fun together playing on the trampoline. It’s been really fun watching them hang out and not fight.

If you are looking for a trampoline here are some reasons you should buy a Zupapa Trampolines:

The trampolines are available with inside and outside enclosures. We opted for the outside enclosure. You can also purchase a 12 foot, 14 foot, and 15-foot trampoline. We opted for the 15ft because it can hold up to 375 pounds.

We spent about 2 hours putting together the trampoline, and it wasn’t very difficult at all. We even had the kids helping us move the pieces into place to it made it easier to assemble.

Make sure you join the Zupapa VIP club so you can get a nice discount on a trampoline.

Safety is their number 1 priority!

Safety is always their top concern. All Zupapa Trampolines and accessories are TUV certified,which is A German business that provides inspection and production certification services. Each piece is quality tested for durability and safety to protect all the jumpers from getting hurt. They have been striving for helping more kids and adults create long-lasting bounce time!

Are you ready to get your kids off electronics and help them stay active this summer? Head over to Zupapa Trampolines and pick out a new trampoline!

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Christa Sloan

Friday 22nd of June 2018

I agree that kids should be playing on trampolines. A lot of parents are under or over protective, and that gives trampolines a bad name. I'm not sure that kids should be out there alone if it's far away from the house, but if there's more than one kid out there, I dont see a problem with it.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.