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Easy Snowman Fingerprint Christmas Craft

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This week I am going to be doing a craft with my daughters class. It’s part of their Christmas party. I didn’t want to do another ornament craft but I love when my kids bring home something with their fingerprints.

After walking around Michaels forever, this is what I came up with. It’s pretty simple. I will be painting the wood blue before the event so it has time to dry – so that is an extra step for me but it will help them get through the craft faster.

Easy Snowman Fingerprint Christmas Craft


Easy Snowman Fingerprint Christmas Craft Supplies


  1. Paint the board teal and let dry completely. (Have the child write their name on them before your paint them or once they are dry.)
  2. Add the white paint to a paper plate. Dip the foam brush in the paint and add a light layer of paint to the childs 4 fingers and part of their hand. Place their hand close to the edge so that their fingers look like there are 4 snowman sitting on the snow. Let dry for a few minutes.
  3. Let them use the pens and markers to draw the details like the face, hat, scarf, and arms. A fine point pen works great for the details. The small the tip the better.
  4. Then use the stick of glue on about the bottom 1-2 inches of the board. Then sprinkle some confetti glitter on the glue to look like snow.
  5. The kids can then write anything (or nothing) on the top of the board to remember the year they made the craft. They can add Merry Christmas and the year, their name, or the class they made it in at school and the year. It is completely up to you!

The paint drys quickly – so you are able to do this in a short about of time.

If you are looking for an easy and fun craft to do with your kids or as a group project at school – this is it! With minimal supplies – it will be a hit!

Are you looking for an EASY SNOWMAN FINGERPRINT CHRISTMAS CRAFT? This is it! You can do it with you kids or in a classroom full of kids. It's a great DIY Art project to do with kids. It uses their handprint to make the snowman. #SYD #DIY #ChristmasCraft #DIYChristmas

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.