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Budgeting Tools From Pigly

This has been a crazy year. It has helped me reevaluate so many things! I spend more time at home with my family and I love that. We miss traveling but we are finding alternate ways to get out and do things together. 


One thing that has probably changed a lot for people is their budget! Maybe you have lost your job. Maybe you have been furloughed and you aren’t sure if you will get your job back. Or maybe you have been on unemployment since this has happened. 

No matter what your finances look like – you need to have a budget! I am always searching for online calculators to better manage my money. 

Pigly has so many useful calculators! My favorite is the budget calculator because I like to check my budget every month.  You can set it up for a weekly, monthly, or yearly budget! 

Pigly offers free interactive tools and calculators to teach people about personal finance. This website is free to use and is ad free!

It’s more than just a budget calculator! They offer a wide range of tools from credit card debt payments, mortgages, savings, retirement planning, and more! They have a calculator that will help everyone. 

Here are some of the ways Pigly can help you with your budget: 

  • It has a calculator to help you know what your meat costs would be! That will really help with my grocery budget. 
  • Paycheck Salary Calculator
  • Mortgage Calculator – it makes it so easy to find out what your monthly payment may be! (It may be cheaper than renting!)
  • There is even a calculator that helps you know how much you can afford each month for rent/mortgage. 
  • Or maybe you have some debt you want to get rid of – look for the Debt Calculator to help you plan to get out of debt faster!

You will even find helpful tips and blog posts with each calculator. 

I even used the calculator to check out what my payment would be for a mortgage – I would save about $400 per month if we refinanced or moved. 

As you can see, Pigly is a great resource to help you manage your money. Make sure you visit to help you manage your money better! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.