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Get Affordable Elegear Arc-Chill Cooling Bedding

You will sleep so much better with cooling bedding! Check out some of my favorite cooling products! 



This information is brought to you by Elegear Arc-Chill Cooling Bedding. All opinions are my own. 

I have a love/hate relationship with Florida. I love that I can pretty much go to the beach or hang out by the pool any day I want to! The weather is gorgeous and it never snows!

But it’s hot here! During July, August, and September it’s so hot it’s like hanging out in a bathroom after someone takes a long hot shower! So the only reason to be outside is if you are at the beach or hanging out by the pool! 

All year long I like to sleep in a nice cold room but I also like to cover myself with blankets – but it can get hot! I can either max out my power bill or getting cooling bedding to help me sleep better every night! 

The cooling bedding option is much more affordable – and everyone loves new bedding! I came across Elegear Arc-chill cooling bedding and we really love it! It’s everything we need to help us sleep in a nice cool bed! 



About Elegear Arc-chill Cooling Bedding

  • This cool technology double fabric is made of Japanese Arc-chill Cool Technology Fabric on the top side, with a cool-sensing Value (Q-max) of More Than 0.4. This can quickly absorb human body heat keeping you cool and sweat-free all night long! 
  • The Cooling Fibers absorb your body heat, reducing skin temperature by 2 to 5°C instantly. (Other companies’ cooling fibers only have a cooling value of 0.2!)
  • It’s fully machine-washable!




Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket 

Use code PLH8DRFD to save 10% OFF  Expires – 5/19/2022

The bottom side is made of 100% cotton. It is soft and comfortable! We like to keep this blanket in the living room. It’s the perfect blanket to fall asleep with on the couch on a hot summer day or all year round! 

It’s also a great blanket to use when you just need something light to cover you at night. You won’t wake up sweating when you use this cooling blanket. There are 3 sizes available.



It’s so small you can take it anywhere! We love to travel and my kids always have a pillow and blanket on road trips! I am sure they will be fighting over this blanket for our next vacation. 




Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Comforter

Use code DOH25743 to save 10% OFF  Expires – 6/30/2022

There is just something so comforting about a nice fluffy, lightweight comforter that helps you sleep better. I actually prefer to sleep with just a comforter every night – but most nights I wake up sweating.

Now that I have the Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Comforter I don’t wake up all sweaty and gross! 



The double-sided cold tech fabric is made of Japanese Arc-chill Cold Fiber (Q-max>0.38). The Jade embedded in the comforter provides excellent cooling comfort! It’s super soft and silky – but is more breathable than silk!

The quilt is filled with DARCON fibers to form a 3-D hollow structure which works well in adjusting the humidity and temperature thus provides you with the best sleeping environment. It only weighs 5.02 lb. 

It’s a very lightweight fabric that covers you as it cools you. 



Elegear Revolutionary Mattress Protector

Use code 39LJ86L3 to save 10% OFF  Expires – 5/21/2022

To complete your perfect betting you need the cooling mattress protector. It is a double-duty product. It is waterproof and cooling to help you sleep better. 

It can absorb human body heat and reduce skin temperature By 2 to 5°c. It has Pe and Jade Masterbatch, which makes this fabric cooler and silkier than bamboo fiber and other ordinary fabrics. 



It has 100% waterproof protection!  This mattress protector uses newly upgraded high-strength waterproof composite TPU fabrics, which can more comprehensively protect your mattress pad from dust, spills, sweat, and baby bedwetting. It effectively blocks moisture, extends the life of your mattress.

It also doesn’t feel like you have a mattress protector on the bed and keeps you cool while you sleep! 

All these products are available in various colors and sizes – so click the links, pick out the one you want, and use the coupon code to save! you deserve the best night’s sleep! 

Make sure you check out all the Elegear Arc-Chill Cooling Bedding! I love a good night’s sleep! 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.