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Cream of Cilantro Soup

Need a green recipe for tomorrow? Try out this recipe. This is one of the few Mexican things I can make. I am not a big fan of cilantro but the flavor is not over powering. It is nice and creamy. I am not sure how available cilantro is in the states but if you …

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High Altitude Brownie Recipe

I may have said it before that I love to bake. When we lived in Florida at seal level baking was easy. Moving to Mexico City where the altitude is 7500ft above sea level has really make baking a challenge for me! I found this recipe at Allrecipes.com and it worked really well for us. …

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The BEST Cinnamon Roll Recipe

This is a recipe I adapted from the blog Motherload:TheMomAdvice.com I have made these several times and they are very easy and so delicious! Really they are easy-the recipe looks like a lot of work but it really isn’t. Compared to what a tube of cinnamon rolls cost these are a great bargin because they …

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